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Strongest Signs In The Zodiac Strongest Signs In The Zodiac
Aries-in-Fourth-House Aries in Fourth House

They say, home is where the heart lies. The fourth house of the natal chart is all about home. This article deals with the effect […]

pisces Pisces in Third House

Pisces is all about dreams, intuition and depth. But how would the presence of Pisces in third house affect a person’s style of communication? The […]

Aquarius--zodiac-signs Aquarius in Third House

Aquarius denotes a person who is original and strives to be unique in life. With the presence of Aquarius in third house, a person brings […]

capricorn Capricorn in Third House

Capricorn is all about attaining structure and social recognition. So how does the presence of Capricorn in third house affect one’s communication? The third house […]

Sagittarius-in-Third-House Sagittarius in Third House

Sagittarius is a sign which represents gaining knowledge through experience. However, when there is Sagittarius in third house, it exerts certain other unique characteristics on […]

Scorpio-in-Third-House Scorpio in Third House

The first thing which comes to mind when talking about Scorpios is passion and secrecy. However, there are other traits which affect a person’s communication […]

Libra Libra in Third House

Libra, the balance, apt to its name, is a sign which looks for balance in everything a person does. But how does Libra in third […]

leo Leo in Third House

Leo in third house has a different touch in the way a person communicates with others. The third house is all about communications and how […]

Sagittarius-zodiac-sign Sagittarius in Second House

Sagittarius is a sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of knowledge. Hence, when there is a presence of Sagittarius in second house , it brings […]