Your sign lord is Jupiter. You are a person of lofty conduct who is honored by the government. You don’t like lying. You are a prosperous and rich person who is devoted to the elders and to the gods. You are a glorious person whose relatives, wealth and virtue are renowned. You are an honest and grateful person whose actions are valiant.

You gain name and fame with your own hard efforts. You are endowed with the qualities of steadfastness, strength, intelligence, cleverness and pomp. You are well-versed in the rules relating to such things as poetry, business, craftsmanship, sculpture, learning, sacrifices, vows and worship. You are a generous person fond of righteousness. You love dressing well and attractively. You love participating in debates. You know how to use your strength and speak fearlessly.

You will do anything for anyone if you are pleased with them. You are a strong, sweet and compassionate person. You are a proud person who likes to be protective and has a terrible temper. You laugh terribly. You are fond of drinking.