If you are born in Rohini Nakshatra [Birth Star, Constellation] your horoscope indicates the following personality and characteristics.

You are a believer in God and extremely religious. You will directly or indirectly be involved be farming. You will be extremely good-looking and polite by nature. You will be clever and witty. You will have the capacity to solve the most difficult problem with ease.

You will lead a rich and prosperous life and will never be short of wealth ever in your life. You will fully acknowledge and feel obliged to a person who does something for you. You will get full respect and cooperation from the high officials and dignitaries. You will be soft-spoken and your speech will make others happy. You will always speak the truth.

You will be healthy and devoid of any physical or mental disease. You will be full of zeal and vigor and do all your work zealously. Your character and behavior will be excellent.

You will believe in physical as well as the mental purity. You will make efforts to keep a balanced mind and will never do anything eagerly or in a hurry.

You will have a thin physique. You will be very clever in finding out the defects in others. You will have relations with opposite sex. You will be a learned and knowledgeable person.

Your life will be full of miseries and struggle. But in your horoscope moon is in the lucky sign so the effects will not be malefic. You will be intelligent and graceful. You will have to work very hard to earn your living. Sometimes you might have to suffer from both mental as well as physical problems. You might have to suffer from throat infections and asthma. You would like to lead an independent life.

As you belong to the Taurus sign, you will have a reddish and fair-complexion. Your checks will be fat and your eyes big and bulging out. You will be lazy and lethargic by nature. You will respect and regard people belonging to the higher and the sophisticated class. You will respect and obey the Brahmins. You will be very intelligent. You will be suffering from cough and cold. You will lead a generally happy and peaceful life. Your hair will be curly and you will be generous by nature.