Your sign lord is Jupiter. You are endowed with conviction, strength, truthfulness, intelligence, steadfastness, renown, and power. You are a courteous and sweet-speaking person devoted to modesty, generosity and civility. You are a bold person abounding in knowledge and science. You have wise gurus and delight in good behavior. You are blessed with an understanding partner.

You worship and respect gods, Brahmanas and teachers. You possess property, loveliness, beauty and charm. You are fond of perfumes and garlands. You are an expert in the rules relating to gymnastics, music and arts. You possess gold, lands, woolens, cattle and houses. You are respected by politicians and government officials.

You know the rules of action in subtle decisions regarding law-suits, policy and calculation. You are fond of purity. You move swiftly in your actions and sleep little.
You are a compassionate person. You have many enemies and friends too. You are a diligent and virile person who is impatient of insult.