Number 9 – Mars is Your Ruler

You look very healthy, strong and energetic. Sometimes you may also look like a body builder. You have wide eyes. You are very daring and courageous. You won’t step back in case of disputes. But sometimes you feel sorry for the mistakes you have committed by force. You face various kinds of struggles in life. Sometimes you may also seem arrogant. You are very committed to the ventures you take up. You have spiritual bent of mind. Fire and arms may attack you.

You are very straightforward in your words and actions. You love your friends very much. You are ready for self-sacrifice for the sake of others. You love spending your time in entertaining activities like dancing and singing. You spend more on your food. You are a spendthrift, and have the habit of spending more than what you earn. In total, you lead your life very happily. Sometimes you may have to face quarrels with your siblings, government officials and police officers.

Though you have a very compassionate heart, you look to be hard hearted. You work hard to gain a better social status. You relieve yourself from the burden of karmas by placing the results in the hands of God. You are highly intelligent, but sometimes you are negligent about what you are doing. Sometimes your behavior also seems arrogant.

Generally people are jealous of your developments. You cannot hide anything in your mind. You travel extensively. You may also setup orphan homes. You heed to the words of opposite sex. You also love watching movies. You develop in your life because of your courage. You have to face struggles in every step of your life.

You get furious very easily. You criticize anyone of any stature. You will easily fall prey to praise. You have fixed properties. Because of your straightforwardness you may have to face quarrels with your family members. You hold the position of an official in your work place.

  • Diseases: headache, skin diseases, fever, diseases related to blood, diseases of stomach
  • Professions: soldier, druggist, body builder, dentist, surgeon, mason, carpenter, plumber, engineer, farms, mathematics, law, botany, medicine, architect, police, revenue department, criminology
  • Lucky stone: Coral
  • Lucky dates: 9-18-27
  • Lucky days: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Unfavorable months: April, May, October, and November

Important events in life:

  • Lucky years: 15-2-24-27
  • Ill health to your partner and expenses: 24
  • Unexpected success: 30
  • Professional success: 42
  • Ill health: 21-22-45-50
  • Success in education: 18-19-20-22-27-30
  • Unfavorable years: 23-32-41-50-59-68
  • Favorable years: 1-2-9-10-11-18-20-27-29-36-38-45-48-54-56-63-66
  • Important changes: 3-6-9-18-27-33-36-45-52-61-70