Number 8 – Saturn is Your Ruler

You believe in your own efforts. You are compassionate to other’s problems. But you look to be an angry man. You become successful in later part of your life after facing lot of problems in your early life. Though you face problems in education in early part of your life you become successful later. You are very critical in analyzing anything. You love leading an independent life. You always help those facing problems. You don’t hesitate to lie if it is needed in a certain case. You suffer from ill health frequently.

You normally won’t prefer to come into the public. You always start any work with negative attitude. In your life happy instances are very less and you lead most of your life unpleasantly. Sometimes you may lead bachelor life. You love to be alone. You are interested in learning music and occult sciences. You believe in God and reincarnation. You would be detached even with the closest of your friends, or for that matter, even with your beloved. This means that you have a tendency not to involve yourself too much with others though you care. Sometimes you may become a saint.

You love doing research. You also love playing sports. You become successful in business. You have to incur losses and suffer problems because of those whom you believe.

You are a capable administrator and have excellent business acumen. You are farsighted, but a little reckless. Don’t brood over failure – get on with your life. Try to develop your will power but don’t let ruthlessness take over. You feel that you stand out from the crowd but can’t figure out what sets you apart.

  • Diseases: diseases related to bones and nerves
  • Professions: job in oil and coal mines, preparation of drugs and construction of bridges; superintendent in an office; mason; farmer; forest officer; selling stones, bricks, iron items and wood; job in a factory; engine driver; actor; editor; film industry; police department; gyms
  • Lucky stone: Blue Sapphire
  • Favorable dates: 8-17-26
  • Unfavorable dates: 1-2-9-10-11-16-18-19-20-25-27-28
  • Lucky days: Sunday, Monday, and Saturday
  • Unfavorable months: January, February, July, and December

Important events in life:

  • Success in education: 15-17-24-26-35
  • Problems and loss: 18-26-27-30-36-45
  • Lucky years: 8-17-26-35-37-44-49-53-62-71
  • Favorable years: 5-6-14-15-23-24-32-33-42-51-60
  • Ill health and expenses: 17-26-28-35-36-44-45-53-62-71
  • Changes in life: 34
  • Professional success: 35