Number 5 – Mercury is Your Ruler

Generally you are healthy and look short. Your thoughts will be really great. Normally you are very active in your work. You have good grasping power and have knowledge of various issues. You analyze every thing in depth and put them to practical use. You have the ability to win in any kind of debate with your good argumentative power. You have good memory power.

Every time you look to be busy in some work. You don’t like seriousness and always love to make fun by cracking jokes. You love talking with others, especially giving lectures. Medicine, mathematics, designing plans and playing jokes are your major interests. You have the ability be successful in business. You are a good orator. You make good efforts to gain spiritual knowledge. You love your family members very much.

You get married at a younger age. You love your partner very much. You love to lead a mentally peaceful life, rather than a luxurious life. You don’t hesitate to play tricks to meet your ends. You don’t love making frequent travels and undergoing physical stress. After carefully analyzing other’s opinions, you talk accordingly. You learn various sciences and have good knowledge of languages. With proper plan you are able to achieve your goals. You are good in mind games like chess.

You have better abilities to manage a business. With clever ideas and without putting up more hard efforts, you gain more money. You attract others easily because of your intelligence. You have good relations with elders. Sometimes you cannot control your anger. You have good knowledge in two fields. Sometimes because of your quick decisions you may have to incur losses and face problems.

You are good in dealing with money transactions. You believe in god and go for pilgrimages also. You love even hearing to spiritual lectures. You actively participate in different social activities. Though you are not perfect in one thing you learn many languages. Even if you are under lot of mental stress you don’t express it outside. You may have to face quarrels with your relatives for no proper reason. You like helping the poor people. You like to be alone. Sometimes you may get the property of others also.

  • Diseases: diseases related to lungs, nerves, liver and hands; indigestion; fits; ENT diseases
  • Professions: lecturer, journalist, secretary, registrar, bus driver, librarian, anchor, teacher, book-sellers, jobs in press, architect, typist, businessman, manager, lawyer, government job, editor, astrologer, doctor, mathematician, engineer, job in revenue department, grain business, insurance, astronomer, geologist, contractor
  • Lucky stone: Emerald
  • Lucky days: Wednesday, Friday
  • Unfavorable months: June, September, and December
  • Lucky dates: 5-14-23
  • Unfavorable dates: 2-7-11-16-20-25
  • Important events in life:

    • Success in education: 10-13-14-15-19-22-23-32
    • Problems in education: 16
    • Favorable years: 1-6-10-15-19-24-28-31-33-37-40-42-51-60-69-78
    • Lucky years: 5-14-23-32-41-50-59-68-77
    • Changes in life: 5-14-23-25-29-32-41-50-60-66
    • Ill health: 11-14-23-29-38-41-47-50-56-59-68
    • Loss of property: 32
    • Prosperity and success: 41
    • Unfavorable year: 58
    • Professional success: 28-32
    • Great problems: 36