Number 4 – Rahu is Your Ruler

Generally you are very much confident. Sometimes you also try to do things that are beyond your energy. You may also seem that you don’t care other’s words. You have a good helping nature. Whatever you feel like doing you will do that only. You love to participate in critical discussions. You always love to invent new things and put them into action. You may generally have many enemies because of your straightforwardness.

Sometimes you like to bring changes by revolting. Once you decide to help someone or work for some cause you get ready to sacrifice yourself for that cause. You always like to participate in interesting discussions. Though you roam carelessly in your childhood you become more responsible as you get older. As you don’t care about other’s social status and behave as you like, you will generally have fewer friends. Because of this attitude you may have to suffer problems and difficulties in life.

You are very much independent in nature. You are affectionate to the people of opposite sex. Exploring new things, going for pilgrimages, shopping and learning astrology and occult sciences will be your general interests. Marriage brings luck to you. If you have farms you may suffer losses with them. Sometimes your attachment with those of opposite sex may cause some severe problems.

  • Diseases: eye diseases, heart problems
  • Professions: drugs, tobacco, medicines, press, teaching, insurance, chemistry, mathematics, medicine
  • Lucky stone: Garnet
  • Lucky dates: 1-2-4-7-10-11-16-19-2-25-28-29-28-29
  • Favorable dates: 4-13-22-31
  • Unfavorable dates: 6-8-15-17-24-26
  • Favorable days: Sunday, Monday, and Saturday
  • Unfavorable months: January, February, July, and August

Important events in life:

  • Success in worldly matters: 16
  • Success in education: 17-18-19-22-29
  • Problems in education: 6-8-15-20
  • Professional success: 19-20-22-27-30-31-34-37-40-45-50-55
  • Unfavorable years: 24-26-33-42-44-53
  • Successful years: 13-19-22-31-49-58-67-76
  • Favorable years: 2-3-9-11-12-18-20-21-27-38-39-45-47-54-60-66-72
  • Most favorable years: 1-2-3-4-9-10-11-12-18-19-20-21-22-27-31-38-39-45-47-48-49-54-58-60-66-67-72-76
  • Important changes: 1-4-10-19-22-31-40-49-52-55-58