Number 3 – Jupiter is Your Ruler.

You have a good intellect. You have a broad head and strong chest. Your face will be glowing. Your voice will be sweet and eyes are attractive. With round cheeks you look to be plump in your childhood. Your behavior will be like a well-knowleged person from your young age itself.

Generally you are very lucky. In your work place or in whatever place you are working you will always be in a leading position. Sometimes you may get addicted to drugs. You behave very cleverly and cautiously in your daily activities. You always friend with those who are higher in status and have great thoughts. You won’t involve yourself in little things.

You love to be independent and won’t be under the influence of anyone. You don’t prefer to get the suggestions from anyone. Rather you follow your own path. For the sake of prestige and maintaining a better social status you expend a lot of money. You also love spending more on your food.

Sometimes you seem to be very proud. Whatever you may do – business, job, preaching – you will be in a leading position in that. You achieve that position because of your intelligent actions. You don’t hesitate to take responsibilities and fulfilling them. You will have more self-respect. You will have proficiency in two or more languages. Your development mostly comes by helping others and giving right and useful suggestions for them. You will be god-fearing. Sometimes the strong decisions you take puts you in lots of problems. You lack mental peace, and though you are lucky to have lot of property you may not get satisfied with it.

  • Diseases: diseases related to blood, kidneys, lungs and liver; fits; acidity; indigestion; skin diseases
  • Professions: doctor; municipal counselors; stock broker; civil servant; lawyers; judge; bakery and sweat shop owner; religious preacher; organizer of pilgrimages; treasurer; chit funds manager; army; navy; astrologer; poet; linguist; bank; endowments department
  • Lucky stone: Yellow Sapphire
  • Lucky dates: 3-12-21-30
  • Favorable dates: 6-9-15-18-24-27
  • Lucky days: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Unfavorable months: February, June, September, and December

Important events in life:

  • Problems in education – 18
  • Danger – 21
  • Completion of education and travel – 27
  • Many problems and loss of property – 30
  • Independent life – 37
  • Problems to children – 39
  • Nervous problems – 43
  • Getting cheated by others – 49
  • Development with the help of children, success – 51
  • Some change – 57
  • Eye problems – 62
  • Danger – 66
  • End of life – 70-75
  • Success in education: 10-13-20-25-27
  • Problems in education: 6-8-14-20-23-24-28
  • Lucky years: 12-21-30-39-46-57-66-75
  • Favorable years: 1-2-3-9-10-11-16-18-20-25-27-28-36-45-54-67
  • Important changes: 3-21-30-33-36-42-57
  • Ill health: 3-6-12-21-29-48-57-66