Number 2 – Moon is Your Ruler

Your body will be generally cool and smooth, and your face will be round. You look very attractive and young. Your voice will be very sweet. Mostly you resemble your mother. You are sensitive to other’s problems. You have good remembrance power. You are accustomed to any kind of circumstances. You love to enjoy your family life than roaming outside. You always think of new plans and changes in your life. Writing poems, stories, scientific articles and essays, reading spiritual books and planning about intuition are your major interests. Generally astrology and music will be your major interests. You can make correct guesses about the attitude and thoughts of others. You are more inclined to know about your religion.

You are very cool minded and always want to enjoy life rather than worry about things. But sometimes you think heavily about various things. So you may get headache. You try to lead an ideal life and invent new things for the public benefit. You gain benefit from persons of opposite sex. You love water, especially traveling and swimming in it.

You are very clever and pity minded. You lead comfortable and peaceful life. Partnership businesses can be beneficial for you. Speculation also works well for you. With strong inclination you can withstand any kind of circumstances in life. You love your country and like to do some social service. You make long travels, and sometimes may go abroad. You love white color – paint your home walls with white color and wear white dresses. In some cases you may have two marriages also. Generally you complete your education by the age of 27. You purchase fixed property also.

  • Diseases: Heart diseases, indigestion, kidney problems, and diseases related to sexual organs, headache, fits and other nerve diseases
  • Professions: hotel; nurses; jobs in navy; sailors; automobile industries; industries related to liquid form like making ice creams and mineral water; members of any women organizations; council members in any public sector or government undertakings; run businesses of alcohols, drugs and scents; law; medicine; geography; naval science; teacher; editor in a press; farms
  • Lucky stone: Pearl
  • Lucky dates: 1-4-7-10-13-16-19-22-25-28-31
  • Favorable dates: 2-11-20-29
  • Unfavorable dates: 6-8-15-17-24-26
  • Lucky days: Sunday, Monday, and Friday

Important events in life:

  • 2 – problems to both you and your mother
  • 11 – success in education and healthy life
  • 18 – success
  • 20 – loss of property and some changes in life
  • 22 & 23 – not good
  • 23 – start of earning
  • 27 – success and completion of education
  • 40 – change in life
  • 45 – danger
  • 51 – problems to maternal relatives
  • Problems in education: 12-15- 24
  • Success in professional life: 18-22-27-36-40-45-46-54
  • Loss of money: 33-44-53
  • Ill health: 2-11-20-25-29-38-47-52-65
  • Important changes and success: 2-11-16-20-25-29-37-38-43-47-56-65
  • Gain in money and prosperity: 1-5-10-14-19-23-28-32-37-46-55-64