Number 1 – Sun is Your Ruler

Your body will be golden in color. You have attractive teeth. You are of medium stature. There will be red lines in your eyes. You will be generally healthy. You are very courageous. Sometimes you may seem to be proud and boisterous. You have the capabilities to lead others.

The time between July 21 and August 28 and between January 21 and February 21 is good for you. With lot of enthusiasm you can make any venture successful. You prefer to spend most of the time with your friends. You always try to mingle with others and will be active throughout your day. You always prefer to lead luxurious and respectable life. You are generally a spendthrift. You prefer to be just in your actions. You are sensitive and will be away from ill doings. You love beautiful women. Your marital life will be medium.

You are very active while doing any kind of work. You liberally donate for good causes and will always try your level best to help others. You are ready for any kind of sacrifice to help your friends. In any case you prefer to be just in your action. You like to live in good buildings. You love nature very much. You tend to be ideal in your actions. You normally don’t like to take revenge on others.

You are very courageous and determined in your actions. With a better hold of power you like to lead an independent life. You get the love and affection of others. You get into some better position in society and invent some new things in your life. Some spiritual power always helps you in your actions. Poetry, music, medicine and chemistry will be your interesting fields. You love beauty of women. Taking more money gives better heath for you. Your luck starts from the age of 23. You gain name and fame in abroad. Your father will be helpful in making you prosper. You can get better name and fame in politics. You will have good relations with those in power.

  • Diseases: diseases of heat, spine and eyes
  • Profession: civil servant, judge, foreman, manager, chairman of institutions, teacher, medicine, chemistry
  • Lucky stone: Ruby
  • Lucky dates: 1-4-10-13-19-22-28-31.
  • Unfavorable dates: 6-8-15-17-24-26.
  • Lucky days: Sunday, Monday.

Important events in life:

  • 17 – Some change in life.
  • 23 – Start of luck in life
  • 23-33 – Great changes, becoming wealthy or losing money, gain of power.
  • 40- Unexpected changes
  • 41-Better changes
  • 55 – Ill health
  • 57 – Good
  • Important changes: 2-3-9-11-12-18-20-21-27-29-30-36-45-54-63-72-81
  • Better years: 1-10-19-28-37-46-55-64-73
  • Betterment in education: 14-19-22-23-31
  • Problems in education: 8-15-24
  • Better changes: 7-10-16-21-28-34-46-55-61