If you are born in Mrigasira Nakshatra [Birth Star, Constellation] your horoscope indicates the following personality and characteristics.

You will be clever and childish by nature. You will do your work intelligently and skillfully. Your cruel and ruthless temperament will hurt your relatives and friends. You might have to suffer from hunger sometimes. You will be arrogant and conceited, which will make many people your enemies.

You will be an expert in making artificial things. You will be a selfish person and will never ever do a thing without a selfish motive behind it.

You will be a fearful person. You might be clever and learned. You will always be full of zeal and vigor. Due to this attitude of yours, you will succeed in almost all your ventures. You will be rich and prosperous and will have all kinds of luxuries in life.

You will have a good knowledge of the fighting equipment’s. You will be polite by nature. You will get especially attracted to those having good and high qualities in them. Being luxurious by nature you will spend a large amount of his your on luxuries. You will get the support and co-operation of the ministers or high officials. You will always try to move on the right path.

You will have a peaceful mind and will have a passion for touring. Your eyes will be cunning so people will keep away from you. You will be very sexy and prone to many diseases.

You will be rich and prosperous. Physically you will have average strength and be very good-looking. With hard work and labor you will attain knowledge. You will own a lot of property and wealth. Your children will be obedient and intelligent. You will get along well with others due to your politeness. You will suffer from the desire to have sex. As you are born in the Gemini sign, you will be an expert in sex and lovemaking. Your eyes will be reddish. You might even work as a messenger.

You will have curly hair on your head. Your will have a sharp brain and will have a polite and humble behavior towards others. You will be quick to read the other person’s mind. All the parts of your body will be healthy, proportionate and beautiful. Your voice will be sweet and you will be jovial by nature. You will be a heavy eater and will have a keen interest in music and dance. You will also have a through knowledge of both these arts. You will have relations with important people. Your nose will be long.