If you are born in Krittika Nakshatra [Birth Star, Constellation] your horoscope indicates the following personality and characteristics.

You will be a miser by nature. You e will have a habit of collecting money. You will also earn a lot of money. You will be involved in sinful or evil deeds. Most of your doings will hurt and trouble others. You will be lazy and Lethargic and will spend most of your time in sleeping. As a result your desire to labor or work will be almost nil. Due to your laziness, you might even have to suffer from hunger.

You will be a heavy eater and will get involved with many people of opposite sex. You will lack tolerance and you will be an outstanding personality in your field of work. You will have a graceful face.

You will have a keen interest in attaining knowledge. You might hold a high position in society due to your good education. You might even become a dignified officer.

You will never be a speaker of truth and will always speak lies. Aimless strolling will be your favorite pastime. You will have a habit of using rude and harsh words, which will displease your friends and near ones. Ingratitude will be yet another of your vices. You will never feel obliged to a person who takes efforts and does something for you. You will not be a responsible and dutiful person and most of your family members will be dissatisfied with you.

Your life will be full of miseries and struggle. But the effects will not be very malefic. You will be intelligent and graceful. You will have to work very hard to earn your living. Sometimes you might have to suffer from both mental as well as physical problems. You might have to suffer from throat infections and asthma. You would like to lead an independent life. You will have a fair complexion. You will have fat cheeks and big, protruding eyes. You will be a lazy person. You will respect and regard those belonging to high class. You will also respect Brahmins. You will be a sufferer of cough and cold. You will have a mature mind. You will be a generous and charitable person.