Is Astrology A Science?

It is the most debatable question for which everyone wants to know the right answer. Here is the answer for it – “Yes. Astrology is a science”. It is a science because it is based on the pure sciences of astronomy and mathematics. But the major problem with it, unlike any other science, is ‘it is an art too.’ It is an art as it requires sufficient practice to give accurate results. It requires much time, constant practice and total involvement to give the exact results. As there are many astrologers without these qualities they are spreading the wrong message among the public that “Astrology is not a perfect science”.

An astrologer requires constant practice

An astrologer might have read all the books available on Astrology. But, when it comes to the question of application, many confusions and contradictions may come up. Hence this science of Astrology requires constant practice.

Do planets have any influence on us?

Astrology is the only science that can describe the influence of the heavenly bodies upon mundane affairs, human character and life events. It can explain the potentialities, capabilities and limitations of an individual. No other science attemps to predict such things.

Any person born in this universe will be under the influence of good or bad influence of nature as it existed at that moment of time. Nothing can or does exist in isolation in this world. Every living being is under the influence of every atom or planet by some known or unknown laws like law of gravitation.

Movement of planets creates changes in the space and on the earth. Consequently it affects human beings and other living beings through their cosmic rays, which may have good or bad effects.

It is a scientific fact that tides of the sea will be more on the full moon days than on any other days. Like wise, people with insane mind will be more affected on the full moon days than other days. Because of these effects astrological books treated Moon as the significator of mind.

Therefore it is a clear fact that the transits, movements, conjunctions etc of planets can create changes in the space and on the earth which consequently affect human beings.

How an astrologer makes predictions?

When an individual is born a horoscope will be designed in which the positions of planets will be shown. The planetary positions indicate the position of planets in the stars. The planets after receiving the rays from the stars and the sun show their effects on human beings. Astrology is the science which explains the effects of these planetary positions. An astrologer after careful consideration of various factors can predict these effects. Astrology is a science that needs an effective application of its principles.

What science says about astrology?

Astrology is not supported by sound and verified statistical studies or research. It is not based upon the collected data or careful observations. So astrology does not obey the strict, standard scientific protocols, and therefore cannot be claimed as a science like physics or mathematics.

Final note

If the problem is about the astologers’ claim that their program is scientific, then it has to undergo scientific evaluations. On the other hand, if they claim that it is a psychological and interpersonal art, then there is no need of strict evaluations. Moreover, evaluationcan be done regarding how well this can be utilized for the psychological and emotional health of human beings.