How Marriage Matching is Done in Astrology?

Astrology has a unique method called “Marriage Matching” to check the compatibility between a boy and a girl. By using this method we can check whether their union can lead to a long and happy married life or not.

Everyone expects his or her married life to be happy and prosperous. A boy marries a girl hoping that she can be a better partner making his life happy. In the same way, a girl hopes that the boy she is going to marry will be an ideal partner giving her love and affection throughout the life. You can check your astrology marriage match with your partner easily.

In astrology there are certain guidelines and rules to test the compatibility between a boy and a girl. There is a method of matching by ‘Koota Agreement’, which is based on birth stars of boy and girl. They recommended 20 kootas i.e. combinations to check the compatibility in which 12 are most commonly used.

Examining the birth stars and birth signs of the boy and girl generally does Kootas agreement. Each koota plays a different role and reveals a certain result. Here are the basic 12 kootas.

Astrology marriage match – Dinam:

This agreement ensures both the boy and girl stay healthy and free from diseases, and can enjoy various comforts and long life.

Astrology marriage match – Ganam:

It ensures whether both can lead a happy sex life or not. Some people consider it as matching of human minds and temperament.

Astrology marriage match – Yoni:

It helps to ensure sexual compatibility. It also shows whether they can be friendly or not.

Astrology marriage match – Rasi:

This agreement shows that they can give birth to a child to continue their progeny.


It refers to friendship between the boy and the girl. It also ensures noble children.


This agreement gives wife “Deerga Mangalya Balam”, which means she lives happily with her husband for long time. It is generally considered as the most important of all the tweleve kootas as it gives long life to the husband.


Vedha means affliction. This agreement clears all evils and pitfalls in married life. It assures you a happy and prosperous married life.


This agreement assures mutual love and affection between the boy and girl


It assures progeny.

Stree Deergam:

This agreement ensures all-round prosperity for the boy and girl.


Nadi means pulse. It ensures longevity and health to the couple, and happiness through children.

Varna Koota:

Varna refers to the caste. The varnas of boy and girl determines their nature. Hence, this agreement makes sure that both the husband and wife can stay happily because of the similarities in their nature.

All these kootas have certain number of points. The points will be totaled to match the horoscopes. If the result is more than 50 percent points, then it is considered as a suitable match.

Another most important aspect of marriage matching is manglik matching. There must be compatibility of Mars between horoscopes of boy and girl. If there is a perfect kootas agreement and manglik matching, both can proceed for marriage.