You are hot-blooded, hot headed and impatient. You are a bit of an egoist and so selfish sometimes, that it is rare for you to interest yourself in any problems except your own. And though you work only for yourself and for your own success, your work nevertheless benefits everybody. You are a good financier adept at handling money. But unfortunately, you are also famous for suddenly losing interest in something. You are not an expert in maintaining relationships with opposite sex. But, you will give up everything for love. You are proud yet sweet natured, arrogant yet oddly modest in your approach to love, envious but tolerant, conceited yet humble.

You love to be independent. You need love and crave intimacy. Often you may feel cornered and pressured. You depend only on your wits and labor to get what you want. In general, you tend not to look much at the big picture. Instead, you just follow your whims which can result in a trail of prematurely ended relationships, jobs, projects and so on. Once you find some peace within yourself, you can curb your wandering tendencies and learn to appreciate what’s in your own backyard. You can be successful as an adventurer, scientist, poet, or politician.

Your ideal partner would be: Dog, Tiger, and Goat

Your lucky numbers are: 1, 3, 4, 8, 13, 14, 41, and 43.