Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the most philosophically formalized system that integrates energy levels on the earth with harmonious survival of human beings. Feng Shui masters said the same things as the Great masters. But, only in some more magical terms. The concept of Feng Shui has grown over centuries by constant observation and application. There are many Feng Shui principles that many skeptics have trouble disputing. Let us have a look at the explanation of some pertinent issues.

Here we give you Feng Shui guidelines, with scientific explanations:

Presence of “Restless Dragon

Feng Shui experts tell you not to build in a particular place, as there is a ‘restless dragon’ below the surface. The same thing a seismologist may say that ‘you are near a geological fault line, where tectonic plate is more likely to shift again’.

Living Harmoniously

Feng Shui experts suggest that you have to live in harmony with elements of the nature by establishing a proper balance in your environment. Present day sciences like ecology, conservation and controlling pollution is also an effort to achieve the same.

The Direction of “Bad-Chi” under a flyover

Feng Shui practitioners suggest not living under or very close to a flyover, because it may direct ‘sha chi’ or bad chi towards you. The same principle scientists explain as high levels of carbon monoxide from vehicle exhausts badly affecting your health.

How natural elements affect inhabitants

Feng Shui practitioners suggest that natural light, even temperature and a decor that develops harmony between the materials and objects lifts up the energy levels and moods of the inhabitants. Psychologists explain that changes in the weather affect the depression and mood levels, which they call ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder.’ They prescribe the same cure what a Feng Shui practitioner advises.

Fragrances in living space

Feng Shui experts advise to use fragrances to clear negative Ch’i within your living space. A scientist may suggest the same thing like ‘the air you take inside may be charged heavily with positive ions due to presence of electrical appliances. Fragrances can add negative ions to change the frequency of the air and bring about a balance.

Living on hilly areas

Feng Shui practitioners advise that meandering Ch’i on the hills will be very nourishing. A scientist may explain the same thing as ‘negative ions will be in greater abundance in hills and they stimulate your brain activity.

Greater stress levels in cities

Feng Shui suggests us to live in the countryside where the Ch’i will be constantly vibrating and your personal Ch’i move in harmony with those of the earth. Scientists explain that electrical field of human things is a direct current (D.C.) and the electrical current of synthetic materials, air, electricity etc., is alternating current (A.C.). This A.C. alternates frequently every second causing disharmony. This is the cause of greater stress levels in cities.

Locating the sites

Feng Shui practitioners observed very keenly various natural elements in their surroundings, land formations and natural vegetation. With the help of compass, geomancy and astronomical calculations Feng Shui experts locate auspicious sites for human living that would protect them from natural disasters. Today scientists take into account many things like geopathic stress, underwater streams, and earth grids as natural occurrences that need to be controlled to control their bad effects on human dwellings.


Feng Shui is progressing more and more as a science because of its cause and effects. Only the scientifically inclined can measure and understand it in the right sense.