Your sign lord is Saturn. You delight going to forests and lakes. You love dressing well. You rejoice in singing and laughter. You gain name and fame in your life. You are a noble person fond of righteousness, crafts, sacred traditions, perfumes, garlands, baths and enjoyments. You are a wanderer who obtains pleasure visiting many places.

You are a person with a throng of numerous friends and servants. You own many vehicles. Your anger does not last long. You desire glory. You are a good-looking person dear to noble people. You love participating in debates and quarrels. You are an honorable person who is noble with your charm, strength and power.

You suffer from diseases of the heart, cold, fevers, wind, fainting spells, loss of virility, illness, sickness, and distress. You normally get afflicted by diseases and illnesses caused by cold and wounds.