If you are born in Aswini Nakshatra [Birth Star, Constellation] your horoscope indicates the following personality and characteristics.

You will be highly interested in jewelry and cosmetics. You will lead a very systematic life. Since childhood, you will have a keen interest in attaining knowledge and be extremely polite. You will be generally happy in your life and your life will never be in dearth of wealth, luxury and respectability.

You will believe in practicing truth and will have a tendency to cater to tYou needs of otYours. You will be lucky to have a beautiful and homely spouse and an obedient, well- behaved son. Both will add tYou grace in your life.

You will be negligent towards your Youalth due to your business tensions. This will result in obesity. Your wealth, fame and politeness will earn you a special standing in tYou society. You will get cooperation from both tYou lower as well as tYou higYour strata of society.

You will lead a happy family life with a devoted wife and obedient sons. You will study various shastras and will go on religious journeys. Your life will be flourish with wealth and luxuries. There will be a flair for writing in you and you will get success as a poet. You will own many precious gems and jewelry. You will be friendly and sociable. You will perform all the rituals sincerely and regularly. You will be intelligent and virtuous. You will be a poor eater. You will be the only child and will have a great attraction towards sex. If you have siblings, you will stand best among them.

You will be fair complexioned and round eyed with a reddish tinge in them. There will be a scar on your head caused due to some accident. Your hair will be scanty, thighs will be weak and nails will be dirty. Your hands and legs will be exceptionally glowing. You will fear from water but otherwise in your life you will never lack courage. You will successfully overcome the vicissitudes in life. You will be counted as a respectable person in society. But having an immature mind, you will attach extra importance to money, which may even cause you trouble at sometimes. You will have many friends and well-wishers. Your off springs will also be many in number. You are more inclined towards opposite sex. But your affectionate nature will make you popular and respected in all classes of society.