Your sign lord is Mars. You attain a powerful position in your life. You will have many servants and relatives. You are a voracious person. You are liberal and mighty. You are quick and powerful in your actions. Sometimes you have unsteady character.

You love wandering in different places. You respect your older brother and relatives. You love dressing well. You obtain a lot of wealth in your life. But, your financial position will be fluctuating with frequent gains and losses. Your voice will be loud and clear. You are dear to politicians and hard to attack. You are clever in businesses. You may have unreliable friends and relatives. You are a fearless person. You rejoice participating in debates. Generally you may not be at ease among the opposite sex.

You may suffer from the diseases of the teeth and eyes. You may also suffer from pains connected with blood and urine, by poison, fire, and wind, and by wounds.