If you are born in Ardra Nakshatra [Birth Star, Constellation] your horoscope indicates the following personality and characteristics.

You will be so busy in your daily routine that you will rarely take food in time as a result as a result of which your body will lack glow. You are short-tempered and will throw tantrums at the slightest provocation. You will never show gratitude to the person who does a favor to you. You will be cruel and ruthless having no compassion for anyone. But your near and dear ones will love and support you.

You will have a restless mind; you will be unable to fully concentrate on your work. Neither will you be able to stick to one place. Your financial position will be average but physically, you will be very strong. With the help of this strength you will get many of your important work done. In spite of the fact that you will not be highly educated your moral standards will be high.

You will be proud and conceited. With hard work and perseverance you will be able to have some major achievements. But generally your life will be full of struggle and you will earn your living through hard way. In your heart you will cherish love and affection for others and be loved in return.

You will lead a happy and comfortable life with wealth and luxuries. You will have faith in God and religion. Many people will be pleased and satisfied by your virtuous deeds. With your hard work and labor you will earn a lot of money. You will own lot of jewelries. You will perform all the rituals sincerely and regularly. You belong to the Gemini sign, which indicates that you will be an expert in the art of lovemaking and sex. And you will have a thorough knowledge of this subject.

Your eyes will have a reddish tinge and your hair will be curly. All the parts of your body will be beautiful, healthy and proportionate. Your nose will be long. You will have a keen interest in attaining knowledge and will be a learned person. You might work as messenger. Due to your sharp brain you will be quick to read other people’s mind. Your behavior will be polite and humble to everyone in the society.

Your voice will be sweet and melodious and will please everyone. You will be jovial by nature and your talk will make others laugh. You will be a carefree sort of person and will love food. You will be a heavy eater. Your keen interest in music and dance will lead you to have a thorough knowledge of these two forms of art. You will be friendly with the important people.