Your ascendant lord is Saturn. You are good-looking and attractive. You are highly intelligent and make friendship with others very soon. Your anger won’t stay for long. You are pure in heart and will always be inclined to help others. You can be a good writer and spokesperson. You feel shy to exhibit your talents, but your conversation will be most interesting and highly instructive.

You will specialize in subjects like astrology, psychology, healing arts, etc. You will not be able to estimate your capacities well, while others find in you something remarkable and extraordinary. You never betray the interests of even your enemies, when trust is placed on you.

You take care of your family responsibilities very well. You are independent of your friends and relatives. You have the tendency to quarrel with others with no or small reasons. Your financial position will be fluctuating. You love traveling frequently to different places. You may suffer from the diseases of the heart.