Pisces in Third House

Pisces is all about dreams, intuition and depth. But how would the presence of Pisces in third house affect a person’s style of communication? The third house in the natal chart is all about communication and the mind which is the source of all thought processes. When Pisces occupies the third house, it imparts certain strong influences on the way a person communicates. Let us see in detail, what the effects of Pisces in third house on the way a person communicates and relates to others.


The third house

The third house deals with communication and short trips. Communication may be in various forms such as writing, spoken or non-verbal in the way he/she behaves with others. The people around us may involve strangers, acquaintances, relatives, friends and our own family members such as parents, siblings and children. Communication also means how you can relate to yourself. It deals with a person’s mental patterns which determine how they relate to others. Since, travel and early education have a huge impact on how a person relates and communicates with someone else, the third house deals with these aspects as well. However, only short trips fall in the realm of third house.

When we talk about the source of communication, it is always our mind. Hence, many other aspects of the mind which shape up your way of communication and ability to learn fall under the realm of third house. This may include certain things such as your intelligence, duality, ability to gel with surroundings and mental agility. The way you relate to your surroundings and people around you, and your style of communication determines your fortunes; the third house also deals with change of fortunes owing to communication.

Pisces on house cusp

The twelve houses in the natal chart deal with different areas of your life. Each deals with an important aspect of your life such as money, your outlook about life, romance, travel, education, health and so on. Your sun sign determines your strong traits and general characteristics. However, what person you are in these different areas of your life are determined by the twelve houses and the planets/sun signs which occupy them. Two people born under the same sign may have different characteristics when dealing with a particular area of life such as money. This is governed by what planet or sun sign occupies that particular house during your birth.

Pisces is a mutable water sign and is ruled by Pluto, the planet that rules underworld and the deep parts of the human psyche. As such, people born under Pisces are known to be highly intuitive. With the presence of Pisces in a particular house, there is a strong need to be guided by intuition in this area of your life. The affairs of this house do not stick to a logic or proof; hence it is best to go with intuition as it is the best guide.

Pisces and third house

When Pisces enters your third house, your communication may be slightly vague. You can become a very creative writer as you tend to have a vivid fantasy life. You may also be very emotional and cryptic in your communication. Your ideas tend to usually defy logic as you are prone to think intuitively. You may also put forth your ideas through intuition rather than logical reasoning. However, you tend to have a very strong intuition and you may not need logic to support it. You prefer to be left alone when involved in some kind of mental activity.

You may also be inclined to be curious about the underlying meanings of what people speak. You can make connect things easily and complete the picture on your intuitive level due to your strong right brain learning ability. You may however be very private in expressing your ideas and confide with few people you can trust.

In general, people with Pisces in third house are highly intuitive in the way they think and communicate with others. They often find it difficult to articulate their thoughts in a logical manner. They can however grasp the real picture behind a person’s words, thanks to their strong intuition. They also have highly creative minds and given a chance to work privately, they can be highly imaginative in the way they think and write.

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