Aquarius in Third House

Aquarius denotes a person who is original and strives to be unique in life. With the presence of
Aquarius in third house, a person brings in some unique qualities in the way he/she communicates with the people around. The third house deals with communication which is an important area of life. Hence, it becomes important for us to understand how the presence of a sun sign in this house affects this area of a person. Let us see in detail, how the presence of Aquarius in third house a person’s learning ability and style of communication.


The third house

The third house revolves completely around communication and anything related to communication. Communication usually occurs in the form of speaking, writing or any other way of expressing your views. Hence, the third house deals with the way you speak, write, and the way you behave
and relate to others, and your mental patters. People around you may be anyone from strangers and casual acquaintances to your relatives, friends, parents and children. Since early education significantly and sometimes short trips affect the way how you learn and develop your communication and relation with others, the third house governs these aspects as well.

The source of all sorts of communication is the mind. Hence, at a deeper level, the third house deals with the mind as well. As stated above, it deals with the mental patterns of a person which determine how he/she relates to self and others. Apart from these aspects, the third house deals with other aspects of the mind which determine your capability of learning and expressing your thoughts and ideas. These things can be your intelligence, your ability to absorb something new, your mental agility and dexterity and so on. Since the way you communicate or put forth your ideas can create or destroy your fortunes, the third house deals with turn of fortunes due to communication.

Aquarius on house cusp

The twelve houses in your natal chart (also called birth chart) have a significant impact on your overall character. At this point, one should understand that his/her sun sign is insufficient to understand the personality in entirety. The twelve houses in your determine your traits when it comes to dealing with the different areas of life such as money, romance, education, health or even your general outlook on life. Hence, a person sharing the same sun sign may differ from you in certain ways he/she looks at different things in life. Each of these houses is ruled by a particular planet or sun sign. However, how you deal with that area also depends on which sun sign or planet occupies that particular house during your birth.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign. Hence, if you have Aquarius in one of your houses, you will have a stubborn
need to be unique, original and innovative in the affairs of that house. You will also be ardent on being a non-conformist to set rules. In that particular house, you try to obtain new ideas in order to break old patterns. Aquarius is also highly individualistic, unpredictable as well as humanitarian. Hence, you may show these traits in that particular house where Aquarius resides.

Aquarius and third house

When Aquarius is present in the third house, you tend to be filled with new and innovative ideas. You usually tend to have an inventive mind and you show originality in putting forth your thoughts. You may sometimes be unpredictable in the way you communicate with others. However, you tend to put forth your ideas in an exciting and clever way. Some of ideas may come in the forms of flashes of intuition. You are however capable of putting those ideas in practical application. You are quite progressive in your ideas and thoughts. You also tend to think in humanitarian terms, which is a strong trait of Aquarius. You may however a peculiar relationship with people around you due to your unpredictable nature. You may have people enter and exit your life in an unexpected way.

In summary, if you have Aquarius in third house, you tend to be filled with innovative and progressive ideas which you put forth in an original and ingenious way. You could also be humanitarian in your thought processes. However, watch out for too much unpredictability in your behavior as people may tend to perceive you as someone who talks whatever comes to his/her mind.

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