Sagittarius in Third House

Sagittarius is a sign which represents gaining knowledge through experience. However, when there is Sagittarius in third house, it exerts certain other unique characteristics on how a person communicates and relates with everyone around him/her. The third house deals with communication and short trips. As communication is an important aspect of a person’s life, it becomes necessary to understand how the presence of any planet or sun signs in the house of communication affects the way a person communicates. Let us see in detail what the effect of Sagittarius in third house is on a person’s behavior.


The third house

The third house revolves around everything which has to deal with communication. Communication may be in the form of speech, writings or the way a person behaves with others around him or her. These people may include family members such as siblings, parents and children or strangers and acquaintances. The third house deals with the mental patterns of a person which determine how the person relates to oneself and others around him/her. Since, early education and certain short travel opportunities contribute significantly to the way a person behaves or communicates, the third house also deals with these areas.

But, as we know, the source of all thought processes is the brain or the mind. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong if we said that the third house governs the mind. When we speak about mind, it deals with many things which contribute to a person’s learning and development which again contribute to his/her awareness and behavior. For example, these things include a person’s intelligence, his/her ability to understand, mental agility and mental dexterity, and so on. Since the ways a person communicates and relates to the surroundings determine his/her success or failure, the third house can also be seen as governing the change of fortunes due to communication.

Sagittarius on house cusp

The twelve houses of a birth chart deal with twelve different areas of life such as his/her general outlook about life, education, travel, romance, health, marriage and so on. The planets governing the sun signs are placed in different alignments at different points of time. As a result, when a person is born, there will be a particular alignment of these planets. When we say that a particular sun sign has occupied a particular house, we basically mean that the particular planet is placed in a particular position in that house. Naturally, since that planet governs a particular sun sign, we say that the sign occupies that house exerting its influence on the house.

Hence, when Sagittarius occupies a particular house, it exerts certain strong traits to that particular house. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter. As such, it needs gaining knowledge and expanding one’s experiences. Sagittarius is also usually associated with travelling. So, when Sagittarius occupies a particular house, this house requires learning and expanding through experiences. However, one should be careful about over-expanding.

Sagittarius and third house

As a fire sign, people with Sagittarius occupying the third house are enthusiastic in the way they communicate. You may be sometimes looked upon as talkative, but you will also have a very optimistic as well as cheerful outlook about life. And since, Sagittarius is all about learning through experience, they love learning. They have the ability of inspiring others through their writings and speeches. You may have a natural ability to talk about important issues surrounding religion, politics or education.

If Sagittarius has occupied your third house, you may be even philosophical and a visionary in the way you put forth your ideas and thoughts. You may be generous towards people around you such as your siblings or neighbors. Since Sagittarius is also about traveling, you may travel to places in order to enhance your knowledge; these may be places you may not have visited before. Even if you don’t travel physically, you may communicate with people from faraway places.

In essence, people with Sagittarius in third house tend to be talkative and enthusiastic in delivering their ideas. They may also be visionaries and philosophical in the way they put forth their thoughts. As Sagittarius rules traveling, they may either physical travel places, or keep in touch with their loved ones over faraway places.

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