Scorpio in Third House

The first thing which comes to mind when talking about Scorpios is passion and secrecy. However, there are other traits which affect a person’s communication style when there is a presence of Scorpio in third house. The third house in the birth chart is all about communication. Hence, when Scorpio enters the third house in a person’s birth chart, there is a distinct way in the way that person communicates with the outer world. Let us see what the effect of having Scorpio in third house of the birth chart is.


The third house

The third house governs a person’s communication with oneself and the outer world. Communication may be in the form of writing, speech and how a person behaves with people around him/her. The people around involve strangers, acquaintances, friends, family and relatives, and even siblings and children. It deals with how a person relates with outer world and their mental patterns. Since certain short trips and early education have significant effects on a person’s mental growth and behavior, the third house also deals with early education and short trips.

Mind is the source of all sorts of communication, whether internal or external. As such, at a deeper level, the third house deals with mind and certain aspects of mind those contribute towards a person’s communication style and education. These aspects involve a person’s intelligence, his/her mental agility and dexterity, the ability to analyze and think logically and so on. Since a person’s way of communicating greatly determines his/her ability to attract fortunes, the third house also indirectly deals with change of fortunes through communication. The third house is ruled by the planet Mercury and sun sign Gemini.

Scorpio on a house cusp

As you may know by now, a person’s birth chart contains twelve houses, each dealing with a particular area of life. For example, the first house is called the ascendant, which determines a person’s outlook. The second house is called the house of possessions, which essentially deals with a person’s financial life. Similarly, the other houses determine other key areas of a person’s life. There can be various alignments of planets and sun signs of the zodiac. Accordingly, when a person is born, there can be a particular alignment of sun signs and planets in a person’s birth chart. Due to this alignment, various sun signs occupy the twelve houses of the natal chart.

When this happens, the sun sign tends to exert its influence on that particular area of the person’s life. This is what happens when Scorpio occupies a particular house when a person is born. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. And as such, emotions run deep in that particular area. Scorpio is also intense and passionate and hence, that area of life faces intensity and complete involvement. There can however be secrecy involved in that facet of life due to the influence of the secretive Scorpio.

Scorpio and third house

When it comes to communication, a Scorpio is known to be a no-nonsense person. As such, people with Scorpio in the house of communication are known to be incisive in their communication. Since Scorpio is co-ruled by Pluto, the planet of intuition, this person can also be highly perceptive in his/her communication style. They are very precise and frank in the way they express their views. They are also known to be easily able to focus on anything they want. These people are resourceful, energetic and creative in their thought processes. Since Scorpio’s best trait is its healing ability (the power of the Phoenix), if used in a proper way, their communication can be soothing and healing.

Another trait of the Scorpio is its forceful nature. Hence, with Scorpio occupying the third house, these people can be quite forceful in the way they put forth their ideas. Since Scorpios are known to have excellent memory, knowledge one gained will be retained forever. One thing however they need to watch out for is their stubborn and critical nature in either expressing their ideas or accepting others’ ideas. Due to this nature, there may sometimes be friction with people around them.

In summary, people with Scorpio in third house are known to be straight talking as well as perceptive in nature. They tend to put forth their ideas in a forceful way and can be quite stubborn in expressing or accepting ideas.

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