Libra in Third House

Libra, the balance, apt to its name, is a sign which looks for balance in everything a person does. But how does Libra in third house affect a person’s communication? The third house is called the house of communication. As such any sun sign which crosses this house exerts its influence on the communication aspect of one’s life. In fact, any sun sign crossing a particular house its influence on that particular area of a person’s life. Let us see what the effect of Libra in third house is.


The third house

The third house is also called the house of communication and it deals with everything revolving around communication. Communication may be in the form of speaking, writing or one’s behavior. Behavior usually means how a person deals with others, may it be strangers, acquaintances, friends, relatives, parents or even siblings and children. It also means how a person relates to oneself and others around him/her. It also deals with how a person expresses himself/herself through writing or any other type of communication. The third house rules short trips and education in the formative years, as both are important contributors for the development of a person and the way the person relates to the outer world.

At a deeper level, the third house governs the mind as well, as this is the place where all sorts of communication originate. As such, the house of communication not only deals with the behavior of a person, but also certain other aspects of a person’s mind such as intelligence, agility, ability to learn, mental patterns and dexterity. As a person’s ability of developing these things can contribute to his/her fortune, the third house also deals with a person’s change in fortunes due to communication.

Libra on house cusp

The birth chart of a person contains twelve different houses dealing with twelve important areas of a person’s life. These houses are very helpful in assessing a person’s characteristics in entirety. These houses are ruled by different zodiacal planets and sun signs. As such, they have certain inherent characteristics. However, when a sign or planet crosses a particular house, it tends to exert some of its unique qualities to this particular area of a person.

The same thing happens when Libra crosses a particular house. Libra is a cardinal air sign. With Libra in a particular house, we tend to exhibit a good mixture of assertiveness and thoughtfulness in that house. As Libra signifies balance, a person takes a good look at all the sides of the affairs of that house before a decision is made.

Libra and third house

Apart from being a balance freak, a Libra person is also known to be a social person. As such, people with Libra in the house of communication are natural networkers. These people are also known to be unbiased in the way they communicate and thus, can bring about a balanced solution for any problem due to their fair talking nature. They are known to have a friendly nature and thus can express their ideas in a graceful manner. They are known to be very friendly albeit fair with their siblings or acquaintances. They appreciate material comforts and luxuries. Ruled by Venus, they have a very artistic way of communicating. Accordingly, you may find many artists such as musicians, writers and painters emerging from this placement.

In essence, people with Libra in third house are known to be fair and friendly in their approach to any person as well as issue in hand.

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