Leo in Third House

Leo in third house has a different touch in the way a person communicates with others. The third house is all about communications and how one relates to others. When a particular sun sign occupies a house in the birth chart, it gives that house a distinct trait from that of others. Hence, two people born under the same sun sign may have different styles of communicating based on the presence of a sun sign in its house. Let us see what the influence of Leo in third house is.

The third house

The third house completely deals with communications and everything related to communication. It may be in the form of writing, reading or speaking. It deals with how a person communicates with others may be his/her relatives, strangers, acquaintances, friends or may be his/her own siblings, children and parents. The third house also deals with education during one’s formative years as this period is very important in deciding and shaping a person’s thoughts. Apart from communication, the third house deals with short trips.

Communication need not be just about how related to others, but it may also be your internal thoughts and how you relate to yourself. When we talk about communication, the source of all types of communication, be it external or internal, is mind. Hence, the third house essentially deals with mind. By either developing your mind and your strengths, or under-developing your strengths, you change your fortunes. Hence, the third house deals with these kinds of turn in fortunes due to the way you communicate with the world or yourself. Some other things governed by the third house are your mental agility, intelligence and dexterity.

Leo on house cusp

A person’s personality traits cannot be explained completely without the person’s birth chart.

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An important part of this birth chart (also called natal chart) are the twelve houses which deal with different areas of a person’s life such as education, money, love, travel and health. Each of these houses is ruled by a zodiacal planet and sun sign. However, they can also be occupied by a different sign or planet at any given point of time. Hence, when you are born, there can be different planets and signs placed in the houses of your birth chart. Each of them has a different effect on that particular area of your life.

When Leo enters a particular house, it exerts some of its strengths and weaknesses to that particular aspect of life. Leo is a fixed fire sign and the house where it is present is the area one would be stubbornly willing to shine. People with Leo in any of the house need a sense of personal freedom in that aspect of life. If they are using the positive traits of the Leo, then they will have a deep sense of contentment in that particular area.

Leo and third house

A person born with Leo in the third house is very enthusiastic in the way he/she communicates with others. They can be very good story tellers as it requires a lot of enthusiasm. They are gifted with the strength of creative thinking and presenting thoughts in a unique style. They invest in their ideas with enormous energy. As a result, they tend to think everything grand and in dramatic ways. Their ingenuity is usually expressed in the field of art. They usually tend to take pride in their siblings. Their trips are usually filled with creative or pleasurable purposes. The one drawback is that, sometimes, their style may exceed the substance. They however know what to talk and what not to.

In essence, people with Leo in third house are highly creative and unique in the way they think and put forth their ideas. They are highly enthusiastic and dramatic way in the way they communicate. They should however watch out for their style exceeding content. They also tend to be very stubborn in their thoughts and ideas, which they need to watch out for.

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