Sagittarius in Second House

Sagittarius is a sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of knowledge. Hence, when there is a presence of

Sagittarius in second house

, it brings a wealth of knowledge to the house of finances. How does this affect the way in which a person acquires money or even looks at his/her abilities to acquire wealth? How does the presence of a planet affect how a person even looks at the aspect of monetary assets and possessions? This article looks at answering these questions by looking at how the presence of Sagittarius in second house affects a person.

The second house

The second house is the house of finances and is also sometimes referred to as the house of possessions. It deals with a person’s resources, both materialistic and non-materialistic. When we talk about non-materialistic resources, we are talking the talents and abilities a person possesses for which people are willing to pay for. Alternatively put, these are abilities and talents of a person which earn him/her money and assets.

Materialistically looking at it, the second house governs

everything related to money

a person acquires through personal efforts. It also deals with how a person uses his/her talents, abilities and characteristics to acquire money. The various monetary aspects include a person’s earnings, expenditures, savings, assets, liabilities, investments and even reversals in personal fortunes. The house also governs a person’s financial future in terms of security.

The house of finances deals with not only the materialistic part of possessions, but also the emotions, values and beliefs surrounding money. A person usually carries his/her own beliefs and this hugely affects the way money is earned and spent. For example, some common beliefs are I should work hard for money , money doesn’t grow on trees or smart work earns more money , and these are governed by the second house.

Sagittarius on house cusp

Each sign of the zodiac rules a particular house in a person’s natal chart (birth chart). However, there are also other planets and signs in a particular house when a person is born. When these signs or planets transit a particular house of a person when he/she is born, they

impart their strong traits

and characteristics to that particular aspect of the person. For example, when Capricorn transits the house of marriage in the natal chart, it imparts certain characteristics to this facet of the person.

A similar thing happens when Sagittarius transits a particular house. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign and people with this sign in a house have a necessity to expand their experiences in that particular facet of life. As the ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the planet of knowledge, these people find a necessity to expand their knowledge through various experiences. Some other strong traits of Sagittarius are its optimistic and freedom-loving nature, its philosophical and intellectual nature, and its straightforward nature. When Sagittarius enters a particular house, it tends to impart some of these strong traits to that aspect of life.

Sagittarius and second house

People with Sagittarius present in the second house tend to have a

sense of abundance

with money. They tend to be more philosophical when it comes to money matters. They definitely have the knowledge of multiplying money aided by good luck in financial matters. Their ability to plan long term also acts as a contributor to their financial success. They tend to value their ability to see the big picture. There is usually a sufficiency of money required to expand their activities. And these people do tend to expand their activities through money. They are usually generous with money and may provide financial support to certain religious or educational institutions. These people believe in keeping what is sufficient for them and sharing the remaining. The negative side of this however is that, they tend to be spendthrifts.

In summary, people with

Sagittarius in second house

have a philosophical view about money and possessions. They believe in earning and sharing with less privileged people. They will be generally successful in finances, but will have to watch out for excess expenditure in the name of being generous.

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