Virgo in Second House

Virgo in second house

imparts a specific set of characteristics to the financial aspect of a person. For the uninitiated, a person’s entire characteristics cannot be determined by his/her sun sign alone. A sun sign just provides the dominant characteristics of a person. However, there are many aspects when it comes to a person’s life such as education, money, travel, marriage and so on. These aspects fall under the realm of different houses of the natal chart and they are influenced by either planets or different signs in these houses. Hence, when there is a presence of Virgo in second house, there is a distinct characteristic to the financial facet of the person.Virgo

The second house

The second house, also referred to as the house of finances, deals with resources. Resources are usually viewed in terms of monetary earnings, possessions and assets which a person acquires through his/her constant efforts. The second house also deals with what a person considers as financial security. In terms of tangible resources, the second house basically deals with a person’s earnings, how easy or difficult it is for him/her to earn it, what he/she would do with the money which is acquired, assets, liabilities, savings, and investments and so on. It also deals with the possible financial future of the person.

The house not only deals with the material aspect of finances and security, but also with the emotional aspect such as a person’s values and beliefs revolving around money. Some basic questions such as how do I earn more money and what should I do with my earnings , and beliefs such as I don’t want black money , excess money is good and money should be spent on helping the poor fall under the realm of this house.

Virgo on house cusp

If you look at the natal (birth) chart, you will find that each house is not only occupied by planets, but are ruled by sun signs. These houses can also be occupied by different sun signs. For example, the second house is ruled by Taurus and yet can be occupied by Leo or Capricorn. When a sign occupies a particular house during a person’s birth, it exerts its influence on that particular aspect of that person throughout his/her life by imparting its strong characteristics.

Thus, when Virgo occupies a particular house, it imparts certain dominant characteristics to that particular house. Virgo is an earth sign signifyingAi??stabilityAi??and analysis. There is always a need to analyze a particular facet or situation in an unemotional and practical way. Virgos are known to have a perfectionist as well as a critical attitude when it comes to doing something. They are also known to be highly patient and dependable.

Virgos and second house

When Virgo occupies the second house or the house of finances, there is aAi??practical and sincereAi??approach in earning money. People with this combination tend to value their ability of paying attention to detail. These people love teamwork and hence involve their friends and close people in their financial plans. They may even earn money through group endeavors or large corporations. They are very rigorous about money and possessions. The negative side of this sign, however is that they may sometimes become penny-wise and pound-foolish. This means that they may save on trivial things just to spend heavily on unnecessary luxuries and expensive entertainment. When financial affairs go out of order, they may start worrying to the extent of affecting their health in a bad way.

In summary, when there is a presence ofAi??Virgo in second houseAi??of a person’s birth chart, he/she tends to be practical and sincere in earning money. These people earn money through group endeavors and their ability to analyze every side of the financial affair. They may however tend to save on small things and end up spending excessively on luxuries which they may have to watch out for.

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