Capricorn in Second House

Capricorn in second house

changes the way you look at material possessions and security. For people unaware of the significance of houses and the effect of signs in the house, different houses in your natal chart signify different aspects of your life. The second house as such, signifies possessions both materialistic and non-materialistic. When a sign occupies a position in that house, it changes the way you look at security, wealth and prosperity. Let us see the effects of Capricorn in second house of your natal chart.

Let us first understand what the significance of the second house is, and then we can understand what effects the presence of Capricorn in this house will be.

The second house

The second house is also called the house of possessions. It deals with a person’s possessions and sense of security. The second house is all about money. It deals with not only the physical presence of money, but also deals with the values, both emotional and spiritual which exist around money and security. It also deals with how you earn money and how you spend it once you acquire it. The second house not only deals with income and expenses, but also debts, investments, savings and financial status.

When we talk about values regarding money or wealth, we are basically talking about feelings such as money is evil , money is essential for living , money should be used for noble causes , money gives me freedom , and many others. Values also involve what we value both materialistic and non-materialistic, what we own and what we wish to own, and so on.

Capricorn on a house cusp

When a sign enters a house, the house is affected in accordance with the typical characteristics of that sign. Capricorn is typically an earth sign. Capricorn usually means a craving for respect and recognition from the society. People with Capricorn in their house achieve that particular aspect of their life with constant hard work. With Capricorn in the house, there may also be a feeling of frustration in aspects regarding to that particular house.

Capricorn present in second house

As the second house deals with money, wealth and materialistic acquisitions, and the Capricorn deals with hard work and diligence, the combination gives rise to hard work and diligence in acquiring wealth. First of all, these people are very much interested in money. People with Capricorn in the house of finance are very practical, ambitious and responsible when it is a matter of earning money and wealth. They have immense wisdom and self-discipline when it comes to handling money. They are not spend-thrifts and do not believe in spending foolishly or in a whimsical manner. They believe that money should be spent on something which has lasting value. A native’s early life may be marked with a scarcity of resources; however, he/she will eventually find an abundance of wealth due to hard work.

In summary, existence of

Capricorn in second house

means hard work, diligence and frugality mixed with prudence and practicality in terms of acquiring and spending money.

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