Does That Scorpio Guy Like Me!!

How to know if a Scorpio man likes you? Now, this is a dumb question, isn’t it? If a guy likes you, he would obviously come up to you, try and chat up with you, try and ask your number, and maybe call you the next day to ask you out for a date and so on… If this is what you are expecting from a typical Scorpio guy, I am sorry to tell you that you are so wrong. There maybe some exceptions to this person and you may have seen a Scorpio follow the above mentioned ritual. But this is not what a typical Scorpio guy does. He has his own way of doing things, and that is what makes him so different.

So, how to know if a Scorpio man likes you? Here are some tips you may find helpful in identifying if he is interested in you or not. But first, here are some pointers to understand what a Scorpio guy is like.

The Scorpio man

Here goes the cliche about the Scorpio man (and yes, it is true). He is silent and calm on the outside but has a boiling passion inside. He may not be your Brad Pitt or George Clooney when it comes to looks, but he is no less than them in his charm. He is one guy you will fall head over heels or run away from. He is mysteriously charming, attractive and seductive. He is also intense which can only mean one thing: you either are attracted to him, or you leave the place because you cannot handle his intensity. He seldom lets his emotions show on his face since he is highly secretive. He has a very tough outer shell within which there is a highly soft and sensitive core which he guards closely.

When it comes to relationships, he is not a person who will easily enter a relationship (though he may feel attracted easily). You maybe able to seduce him for the night, but you may not be that lucky to enter a relationship with this man. He is highly demanding and knows what he wants, and will go only for that. HeAi??doesn’t believe in wasting timeAi??by getting into casual relationships. But once he is into a relationship, he is the man you always dreamed about.

How to identify if he likes you

So, you fell for this man (I knew it was coming sooner or later). But you don’t know whether he likes you or not. You are just unable to decipher his actions and you want to badly know if he wants you or not. So, let us see what are the indications that he likes you.

When you initially meet him, it indeed is difficult to understand what he is thinking. He may talk to you normally and yet like you or he maybe flirting with you and still have no special feelings for you. His flirting is definitely not an indication that he is interested in entering a relationship with you. Scorpios are known to be flirts, so don’t take it as an indication. A Scorpio man is a master (and probably even had a PhD when he was born) in guarding his secrets. In fact, the Scorpio man you met maybe even very shy (that is a typical nature of many Scorpios) and may not talk to you much. Even if he likes you, he won’t tell you that he likes you. You probably won’t even see it on his face as he likes to keep his emotions inside.

It may sometimes even take few meetings with him before he actually feels that magnetic attraction towards you though this may not be in all cases. He justAi??wants to understandAi??everything about you first. He will test you patiently and constantly, taking his sweet time. He first needs to build trust in you as he doesn’t trust people easily. Apart from building trust, he needs to know whether you measure with his frequency of intellect and other things such as hobbies or even beauty. And once he builds up trust, he will start opening up with you.

And now comes the real thing. If he has found you really attractive and you have passed his tests successfully, you are about to be caught in his love web. Scorpios are not verbose about their love towards you. Once he starts loving you, he will show it through his actions. Even if he doesn’t tell you that he loves you, you will find a Scorpio doing everything just to be with you and stay with you. And when the time is right, he will just plainly say it to you. And when he says that, just hold on to him tight and don’t let go. He is that prince charming and the knight in the shining armor you were dreaming about. Also, when he says that he loves you, know that he is telling you the truth and he isAi??sincere about it.

There is another way to say whether he really likes you or not. If you have a strong feeling that he likes you, stare into his piercing eyes. It maybe a bit intimidating to do so (yes, he can look into your soul with one stare), but if he has got any feelings for you, his eyes will give away his secret. Then you know whether he likes you or just passing time with you. And if he is just plain flirting with you, it is time to move on.

Now that I have given you the secret aboutAi??how to know if a Scorpio man likes youAi??, don’t be caught unaware when that Scorpio man is out with you. Just give him his time to tell you the words you want to hear, or if you are impatient, just move on.

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