What are the Best Matches for Scorpio Women?

Scorpio women are attractive, independent and ambitious by nature. They regret not being born as men and occasionally throw a challenge to the opposite gender to prove their point. One might wonder who are the best

matches for Scorpio

women. This article tries seek answers to the following query.

Basic Traits of Scorpio Women:

  • These women have an intuitive awareness of the excellent qualities with which they are born.
  • They further sharpen their innate skill of bringing these qualities into proper use in every stage of their lives.
  • Their breath-taking beauty, drop-dead gorgeous looks and brilliant minds make them easily the center of attraction where ever they go.
  • As part of their priority these women keep relationships next to their ambitions in life.
  • Thinking of commitments amidst a budding career is out of the mind of these ladies on any given day.
  • It is only after these women achieve what they set out for in life, that they place their attention on settling down with a partner.
  • The partner has to be equally competent and respect the will, achievements and persona in general of these women.

What are the Best Matches for Scorpio Women?

It might appear to be expecting a little too much from men when the demands of Scorpio women are placed before them. But, one has to realize that the individual whose company they are seeking for life is quite special indeed.

It is always an added advantage if the partner has composure and bears his ego lightly. In this context, men belonging to the sun signs of Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Pisces and Cancer are best suited to ask for the hand of a Scorpio lady.

These men are patient, persevering and emotionally competent enough to deal with the huge demands of these ladies as far as their emotions are concerned. They would take pride in the feats achieved by their ladies instead of making the subject a silly prestige issue. Leo, Aries and Gemini are some of the worst

matches for Scorpio

women and preferably be avoided.

2 responses to What are the Best Matches for Scorpio Women?

  1. virgo and scorpio

  2. yup. Another best match is a Scorpio-Scorpio.. Who else can understand a Scorpio better than another Scorpio?? However, both need to give in a bit (which is hard for Scorpios) to make the relationship happen. Also, too many fireworks in the relationship. Otherwise, it is a great match.