Why Libra Men Like Aquarius Women?

Libra men are charming, diplomatic and peace loving by nature. As a rule, these men have harsh experiences in the initial stages of their relationships. But, they learn their lessons quickly and choose the right partner there after. This article tries to understand why Libra men like Aquarius women.

Libra Men in Relationships:

  • Being an air sign individuals, they have a natural phobia of getting committed as they perceive marriage as a threat to their freedom.
  • Aspects like responsibilities require self-discipline which might hinder the jolly lifestyle preferred by these people.
  • In relationships, these men are lucky to attract the attention of women but fall short of their expectations.
  • Sometimes, the freedom displayed by them proves to be counter productive for these men as they find themselves used up and heart-broken.
  • Though these men like to enjoy the pleasure of the company of women, emotional excess and sentimentality repel them to the core.

Why Libra Men Like Aquarius Women?

    • Both the signs are of same element. While the Libra is a cardinal sign, quality-wise, Aquarius is a fixed sign.
    • As a consequence, the partner provides stability in the fickle-mindedness of the Libra men and owing to this stability in their ideas they carry out their tasks with convictions.

Both these individuals are extroverts by nature and love to interact with people as part of their identities.

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The intuition and wit present in an Aquarius partner is well appreciated by the Libra men and brought to proper use in developing their own persona.

    • The unconventional approach and the space provided by the former in the relationship strengthen the bond between these two individuals as their basic expectations are met.


It will be in the better interest of both these people, if they get committed late inspite of this high compatibility to secure their bonding further after thorough observation of each other. Moreover, both of them require time to appreciate the significance of commitment in relationships. The union is one of the most successful ones in the zodiac and owing to these above mentioned reasons one can answer why Libra men like Aquarius women convincingly.

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