Do Cancer Women Cheat?

Cancer women are very close to their home and family. In relationships, they observe their potential mate a lot before getting committed. One question which troubles the mind of their mate is, do Cancer women cheat? This article tries to answer this query.

What Astrology Has to Say on Cancer Women?

These women are sensitive, imaginative and cheerful by nature. They are liked by the people for their ability to listen in the moment of distress. They can provide a sense of emotional relief with their pleasant smile and natural quality of nurturing.

According to this science, Cancer is a negative sign. It means individuals belonging to this zodiac sign are introverted requiring some moments of solitude in their daily life. The element of this sign is water. It provides all the Cancerians an ability to naturally empathize with others and expect their sensitivities be treated with enough respect.

Another astrological aspect called quality of this sign is cardinal. As a result, these individuals believe in acting rather contemplating on a subject. All these traits are to be taken into account before discovering the nature of these people in a certain aspect of life.

Do Cancer Women Cheat?

Being introverted, these individuals might get misunderstood as being closed and not upfront in expressing their views. The influence of water element makes them become very close to their partner after the choice is done.

Commitment towards the relationship and loyalty towards the partner become their utmost priority of life. Their partner must also understand that the cardinal quality of Cancer sign makes these individuals contribute to the relationships in the form of actions rather than words.


Cancerian women are known for their nurturing nature and commitment to the relationship. Even if the choice of the partner turns out to be an inappropriate one, these women stick to their chosen one and suffer rather than selecting another partner. With such a lady in life, it is probably a crime to think do Cancer women cheat?

2 responses to Do Cancer Women Cheat?

  1. I swear this is bologna, my cancer girlfriend of 5 years cheated on me with 2 different guys, they are very deceptive, cunning, and manipulative. do not be fooled

  2. I too have had some odd experiences with Cancer women. In fact I am a Scorpio person who runs away from Cancer women. I was dating a Cancer woman and though we both inherently knew that we liked each other, she suddenly started going out with someone else without a reason (thankfully I found it before I proposed to her, that cut my Scorpio sting to half of its poison though the sting was poisonous enough). Another incident I have witnessed is that I have a Cancer friend who has a boyfriend. The funny thing is that she still goes out with someone else. This is kind of funny given a Cancer woman’s traits.