Why Scorpio Men Play Disappearing Acts for Days

Scorpio men are magnetic, intuitive and intelligent by nature. It is not easy for many to have an eye contact with these people while talking owing to their intense and hypnotic eyes. But, what intrigues others more is the nature of these individuals to remain incognito. This article tries to understand why Scorpio men play disappearing acts for days.

What Astrology Has to Say About Scorpio Men?

These individuals are secretive by their nature and enjoy delving into the secrets of others. People find these individuals to be intimidating. The element of Scorpio sign is water. It is owing to this reason that Scorpios appear mysterious from the exterior.

These individuals also like to remain in control of the situations surrounding them. They use their probing and analytical skill to gather information about others while revealing very less of their own. The quality of this sign is fixed which makes these people remain determined in their pursuit of objectives. They care less about what others have to say about their nature. The above reasons make them remain incognito at will.

Why Scorpio Men Play Disappearing Acts for Days?

The twelve signs in astrology are broadly divided into two categories. They are positive and negative signs. Positive sign people are extroverts who happily interact with others and require the presence of people around them. Negative sign people are shy and introverted. They like to spend some time alone in the entire day to feel in their elements. Scorpio is a one such negative sign.

They cannot feel comfortable in the company of many for long. They voluntarily choose seclusion in order to analyze the events happens in their lives and gain control over them. Once a sense of security and grip over affairs of life is experienced by them, they again make a comeback into their social circles. So, the answer to the question why Scorpio men play disappearing acts for days is for remaining in the way they truly are.

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