What Jupiter in Scorpio Means in a Birth Chart

Sense of purpose, good luck, prosperity and higher education are the aspect of life rules by the planet jupiter. Depending upon the placement of this planet in a particular birth chart, a person experiences the journey of life in general. This article tries to understand the persona of an individual with jupiter in scorpio sign.

Characteristics of Individuals with Jupiter in Scorpio:

  • These individuals are magnetic, intuitive and imaginative by nature owing to the influence of scorpio sign upon them.
  • They can understand subtle and hidden aspects of situations very easily and absolutely nothing can be kept hidden from them.
  • They make use of this innate ability to gain many benefits and opportunities in life.
  • Intense energy present within them can be utilized for either destructive or healing purposes.
  • Undergoing transformation in certain aspects of life is part of their destiny.
  • Their rebirth is meant for helping others to get rid of ignorance.
  • They are determined to succeed in their endeavours and have deep faith in their views and opinions to the extent that they can turn dogmatic as well.
  • Professions like engineering, research, health and law are best suited to these individuals.

What Brings Luck to Jupiter in Scorpio Individuals?

  • Individuals with scorpio jupiter can attract luck by placing all their attention on their projects.
  • Their passion and intensity of emotion can bring lot of opportunities for them provided they learn to accept criticisms which are unavoidable sometimes in work.
  • Opportunities in business and money making come naturally to these people.
  • But such positive aspects of destiny should not be used for personal benefits by being clever and accumulating wealth through exercise of control over others.
  • The self confidence which these individuals have on themselves should be used to empower the weak and less fortunate people.
  • Being open-minded and less sceptical also bring luck to the scorpio jupiter individuals.

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