Do Scorpio Men Come Back

Scorpio men are known to be mysterious and passionate by nature. They are very demanding in relationships and have high expectations from their partner. Getting committed to these men in a long term relationship can be a special experience. But what if the bonding turns out to be a weak one? Do scorpio men come back to their women after breaking with them once? This article tries to seek answer to this query.

What is the Role of Astrology in Deciding the Fate of a Relationship?

Scorpio is a water sign. Men belonging to this zodiac sign crave for emotional intimacy. They have very deep sense of romance. These are the influences of the element water on them. The quality of scorpio sign is fixed. This makes the men rigid in their opinions and beliefs. Moreover, scorpio men are law unto themselves. It is futile for others to convince these men on issues where they hold their own. Relationships are very sensitive topics for these men and they cannot compromise in this aspect of life at all.

Do Scorpio Men Come Back?

Scorpio men have total ego. They cannot settle for less. The very thought of break-up is hateful to them. When such an unfortunate event becomes a reality, these men struggle hard to forgive the partner. Forgetting is not there in the genes of these individuals.

If ever the unfortunate partner realises the true worth of a scorpio man and returns on time, there are very less but definite chances of the relationship surviving the crisis. But once the scorpio men make up their mind to move on, there is absolutely nothing on this earth which can pursue these men to make a come back.


If finding a scorpio man as life partner is a special gift from life to a woman, losing him is equally unfortunate one. So the answer to the question, do Scorpio men come back is a big NO.

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  1. i have just read these remarks about scorpion male and think perhaps that i did indeed lose a lovely man and there is nothing i can do about it.

  2. why did then my Scorpio man come back? We broke up and then 6 months later we reconciled; still not moved in together but spend almost every day together, so I wonder what to expect in future..?

    • There should be something very special about you madam. And definitely you are lucky to get your Scorpio back in life. Just treasure him from now onwards. All the best.

      – Team YgoY.

  3. this is actually not true.i’m a cancer women n my lovr is scorpio n i irtitated him bt saying i hate made him feel dashing.after tht he didnt talk 2 me 4 1 month n when i cald him tht days he said i dont need u n i dont lov made me so sad those days..but he came back coz m frnd=his frnd told him tht she has another crush but tht was not truth.he got shocked coz he loved me .wht ego is right but not coming is…??

  4. Hard to belive, but it i one of the bitter truth, n we all forced to face it, just because these egostic, insensitive men wants to show the world, that they r the God, n they can do whatever they like, by using their mind, charm, tact…everything possible to reestablish their damn ego.
    They simply n completely forget, those person who stood by them during all the bad times, n jump for What Next !!!
    Higehly Insensitive creatures who are solely, evn more focused, are sincere about themselves, n their happiness only.
    Major quality of their personality is, they are born hypocrites, they r free to do pluck the apple, but if u do, then?
    Its simple, ur both will surely be hanged on the tree..for always, as they wont be their on ur body for anymore.

  5. Scorpio men,my definition.. controlling, insincere, liars, deeply insecure, cold, unloving, manipulative,sneeky, my list goes on… best advice, shag them and dump them, thats all they are good for.

  6. You think that Scorpio men are insecure; you can’t be serious. We are highly dominate, filled with confidence, know what we are worth and are totally self assured. We do have secrets, and if we take you serious you will learn them in time. If you lack patience, discretion, and maturity that does not make you secure. Scorpios are probably the most secure of all, you just misunderstand us or the definition of the word.

    When we first meet you, we may test you to get to know you. If we see something fatally wrong with you but still like you, we may push you to prove to us that we read you wrong. These actions may come off as controlling, insincere, manipulative, sneeky, and filled with lies but ultimately we are trying to either understand you or are trying to help you grow and become a better person. You are not perfect. We can accept plenty of imperfections, but we do have high standards. We also are extremely talented at reading people. If we see something major wrong we may try to correct it if we think you are worth it and are capable of learning.

    “best advice, shag them and dump them, thats all they are good for.”

    And this is why you have never been taken serious by a Scorpio MAN. We see right through your shallowness and all we see you as is sex and nothing more. You are incapable of even scratching the surface of our good side and you will never see what we have to offer, because you are not a worthy person. You are undeserving of the depth of what we have to offer.

  7. Regarding the question of whether or not we will come back. I would say that depends. Just because you think we have made up our mind and have lost all interest in you does not make it so. If we took you serious in the first place, we saw something in you that we really liked. If we left you after taking you serious, we saw something that we really didn’t like. We are not fickle people, so to get us to break our loyalty to you, you must of REALLY screwed up. The question then is, do you realize that you messed up? Are you as a woman capable of admitting that you were wrong? Can you assert yourself and come to us and look us in the eyes and tell us you are sorry like you really mean it. Can you tell us what you learned from the experience and give us the impression that you have grown? Can you admit that we are important to you? Are you capable of that level of courage, humility, and grace? If so, then you truly are worth it and and we will forgive you and love you more for it.

    On the other hand, if you think you can abuse us and squander all that we are offering you, and then expect us to come to you and forget that you mistreated us, that you do not have to earn it, well then you are gravely mistaken. If you are holding your breath waiting for us to return, you better ask a friend to smack you before you turn blue.

  8. Bravo!!!
    I really am quite impressed by the responses from Scorpios, being that I am a female Scorpio. It is true with male and female Scorpios but it is possible to have the pleasure of running across one (Scorpio) that has been hurt continuously that they may seem as though they are being harsh with they ways that they express themselves to you. But trust what these Scorpios are saying to you. We do test you to see if you are worth our time and trouble. Myself, I do not trust people very easy. It takes time for me to open up to someone and if you are not patient, I lose interest, not because I was never interested but b

  9. My Scorpio man showed up at my door two weeks ago after we had been apart for 6 months. I was shocked to say the least. I had just started to move on. He told me he had spent the last 6 months drowning himself in alcohol to forget me. He couldn’t though, he said lately all the memories of “US” came flooding back. He loved me and missed me with all his heart. We are taking things very slow right now and basically starting anew. So “YES” scorpio men CAN come back. This was the longest he had been gone. He left initially because he got scared of the long term “Marriage” commitment he confessed he wanted with me. He ran like a scared lil boy. I also should add that there is a 16 yr age gap with us and that we were very close friends before we got involved in a relationship. At the end of the day….Scorps are NOT easy to live with and the relationship has been a hell of a ride, but I couldn’t imagine loving anyone else as much as I love him. I hope this time our love will perservere. Good luck to all!!!!

  10. I am very glad to have found this site. Sorry for the long story but I could really use some honest feedback.

    I am in the position of still loving the Scorpio man I met over 6 years ago. Everything was wonderful. He treated me like a princess, introduced me to his children with whom we shared many cherished moments together, took me house shopping, was planning to introduce me to his family, when …… the stinger came out over me being late a couple of times to meet him at the gym.

    Me being a Taurus female and knowing NOTHING about the Scorpio psyche (though if I had stopped to THINK, I would have recognized that the sign implies researching your potential mate’s traits, strengths and “challenges” would be SMART before you dive in!!!!!). I am a very passionate, loving and honest person and though I can become temporarily angry and “obstinate”, I am quick to forgive and won’t “stomp my hooves” unless BETRAYED WITH INFIDELITY or I am EMOTIONALLY stripped of my defenses to the point where I am afraid of being mortally hurt; when this happens, I become tougher than nails rather than show my fear for fear of it being used against me (sounds a wee bit like a Scorpio, doesn’t it? lolol).

    So I apologized for being late and NOT really recognizing how important this was to my Scorpio who had NEVER lashed out towards me, fell back into my pattern of sometimes being late (he saw it as not respecting or putting value on his time – rightfully so when I look back now even though I had every excuse under the sun. I think I may have also been testing Him to see how he would react i I did something out of the norm). So when he stung me again, I took his ICY SILENCE for no longer caring about me. I have a strng desire to discuss issues and then come up with a mutual resolution, so this was foreign to me. So I put my own wall up and ignored HIM BACK (so foolish and immature really). After a night of icy silence, the mighty Scorpion, stood at the edge of cliff prepared to sting himself and me to death if I stomped, asking me the veiled question….. “Do you want ME to leave?”. Ah, the lovely but naieve Taurean woman (who had endured a very emotionally abusive relationship from her previous marriage and vowed to never back down or display weakness when confronted by ANY man), simply said, “Yes”. With that, the Scorpion male left and she wept, thinking he no longer wanted her.

    Boy, did I miss the signs he gave me even after He left. He called me after a few minutes and told me he was only a few minutes away and had forgotten something. I heard, “I am really leaving you and want to leave nothing behind for me to remain connected to you.” I coldly told him I would have it ready for him; he could pick it up in the mailbox. After hanging up, he called me back, remembering something else he had left behind so he said he would come to the door. I hear, “Boy, I am so running out of your life that I am making sure I leave nothing behind!!!”, so I respond, “Fine”. After a few minutes, he rings the doorbell. I stop sobbing, wipe the tears from my eyes and hand him the mentioned items, closing the door and then submitting to my devastation and fear of losing the best thing I ever had in my life, crying for what seemed a lifetime. If I had only said, “Please don’t go and come in so we can talk”.

    After three days of internal torment and self-induced Hell I realized with some grown-up recognition that this man was my best friend and worth fighting for even if that means making myself absolutely transparent to him as far as my feelings/intentions are concerned. With that, we met where I professed my love and apology to him, promising him I would never push him away again. He just stayed focussed on the fact I had asked Him to leave even when I pointed out the fact I didn’t ask him to leave, I had agreed with His asking me if I wanted him to leave (semantics). With tears in His eyes He told me He just couldn’t get past it so we parted.

    Shortly afterwards, I was out in public (thinking about us of course) and He walked in. We both stopped dead in our tracks and just stared at each other. I broke the ice first and we ended up having a nice conversation, with Him asking how I was, I asking Him, having some shared talk where I could physically see His guard drop just a little and then He was gone.

    Since then, we have periodically talked (He has called/I have called). Once, we went for a walk (He initiated this meeting) and He told me he still thought about me. When I asked if He ever loved me, he laughed, which after which I assumed he could see the anger on my face and He apologized, saying He didn’t mean to make me angry but of course He had loved and how could I not know? I responded by telling Him although I had thought so, I didn’t know because He had never told me so. He then told me the exact moment that He knew He was in love in great detail (that made my heart soar and was it was agonizingly bittersweet at the same time). When I asked Him if He still loved me, He stated that he couldn’t answer me as a fair amount of time had passed (months) and we might be different people today. He resisted my offer to move forward to see if there was a chance to see if we could rebuild (foolish Taurus). Again we parted, my heart aching for Him.

    In the next few months, He called me and we went swimming; He, His children and I, all of us having lunch afterwards. It was wonderful and made me think He might open the door back up, especially since He invited me to share time with Him AND His chilren…. but alas, He disappeared again.

    Since then, we have periodically talked (He’s called/I’ve called), He asked me to go for coffee and offered to pick me up but I met Him instead, where we shared great conversation and I told Him I was dating someone (****how many times does a sincere person have to profess her love and mean it before she worries she will wait a lifetime for Him to never open that door back up??????). Later, He found out that this “other man” had the same profession as Him, and called me up to confront me about it. I truthfully stated that I date the person, not the profession, and how long was I supposed to wait for Him – forever???????? He said nothing. After that, He called me once after that to which I told Him I couldn’t see Him as I could only be with one person at a time, even if it was only a coffee He was suggesting.

    That was 5 years ago. Flash forward to today. I broke off my engagement with the other man and still know in my heart that this Scorpio is the one I want. Boldly, I called Him and left him a message, lightly stating that I couldn’t believe I still remembered his number and probably would even if I were 90. I told him I had thought about Him and wondered how He was. Ahhhhh, the Scorpio called me back three days later and as I wasn’t at home, left me a message telling me he would call me the next day at the same time.

    When he called (now about two months ago, I answered). I told Him that I broke off the engagement and that I still thought about Him. He, in that quiet, low, throaty voice, stated, “I thought you had forgotten all about me and moved on”. WOW! That floored me that He said that. I told Him that we had both dated a lot of people, most of whom neither one of us really gave another thought to once things ended. But that there were other people, albeit, a very select few (MEANING YOU), that have a piece of your heart forever. To this, he again responded in that throaty, low, voice, “I know exactly what you mean.” We talked for a bit more, and he turned the conversation to very light talk, then quickly retreated, ending the call.

    It is now two months later and I am waiting for his response. Any thoughts????????????????????

  11. Adding to my above post regarding me trying to make ammends and apologize post break-up: (He wanted to meet in a public place which we did), I explained how I had incorrectly interpreted his efforts to not leave after the fact and how I had wished I had listened more to what he was trying to say to me rather than just the words. I also explained to him about my emotionally abusive ex-husband and how I had put a sub-conscious guard up around my heart when it had come to confrontations that I didn’t know was even there until this happened. I was honest, explained to him what I had learned from the experience so he would know I did not plan to make the same mistake twice, and in no uncertain terms told him how important he was to me.

    I swear it nearly killed me to see the hurt in his eyes that I caused. It haunts me still……….. Eyes that were once filled with so much caring.

    Whether or not He can ever let me inside His circle of trust again, I want to state how priviledged I am to have had the honour of having him as my friend and lover. For those of you who have had negative experiences with a Scorpio male, perhaps the individual had a lot more to do with how you perceive Scorpios, or like me, you had a wonderful man right in front of you that you just didn’t understand until it was too late.

  12. He chased me for four months. I knew that he was interested but I waited for him to make the first move and ask me out. I had to give him number as an welcome offer. Three days later he called, and fifteen minutes into the conversation, which was more like a job intetview, he asked me out. Three lovely dates, lots of flirting at work (worked together for one year at the time and openly clashed, go figure), and only one month’s time, he confessed that he liked me- really liked me, and asked what I was looking for. I told him that I was looking to date and meet people. He finally kissed me for the first time (3rd date)- MAGICAL! A week later, he called, told me that he didn’t like that we worked together, he was seeing someone else, and did not want to see me any more. It was two months before I ever saw him again (even at work).
    Now we only text, talk, stare, flirt… I have an undeniable attraction and strong feelings for him, but he will not see me outside of work. It has been a year. Should I ignore him, or continue to be open for possibilities? I can tell that he still cares for me, but how can I convey my feelings without coming across like I am oblivious to the fact that there is an underlying issue that keeps him cautious? How can I get him to open up again? Something tells me I shut him down during our first trial run. I am an aries woman by the way.

  13. Hi Strongly- I believe that scorpions enjoy a sense of yearning, emotional exhaustion, teasing, and drama. It’s frustrating, a bit fun, romantic, and sexy. I love it and find it exciting, but would rather just have my scorpion without the guessing games. He loves that I want him. Scorpios toy with their admirers. It seems to flatter them and gets them off.

  14. Hi Lisa –

    Unfortunately, you should NEVER break the cardinal rule of dating someone you work with (usually ends badly). However, as the “heart wants what the heart wants”, here you are :) ….

    When this Scorpio asked what you were looking for, to me THAT was definitely a test! It may have concerned him that you responded with, “I am looking to meet and date people”. The Scorpio may have heard, ‘I am looking to date someone until something better comes along or I am a serial dater type….’ From everything I have read, most Scorpios long for a “soul-mate” kind of love; to be connected deeply with one person emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Though Scorpios test you to see if you are compatible with them, love is anythng but a game. It is the equivalent of life and death to them so before they surrender their heart, they test you to see if you are worthy of them baring their soul…

    As Scorpios are usually VERY intelligent, they will unravel the dating path they are on with you well in advance, looking at all possible outcomes; remember they do not commit unless they are 110% SURE, as love is NOT a game to them. Although I believe you when you say he is attracted to you, a Scorpio is very capable of denying himself what he wants if he is not certain the outcome will be to his liking.

    If it were me, and I were really serious about wanting to continue dating this man, I would consider looking for a different job where it eliminates the rule “don’t **** where you eat(work)”. He said it himself that he didn’t like you worked together (which I think is the real issue). So the ball is in your court….. Is the job more important or the man? If it is the man, switch jobs and be honest that you are switching jobs so you can open the door once again to the possibility of finding out what is there between you. He will want to know you want him (as he already does) but doesn’t want anything that sounds needy or desperate.

    i.e. Hey _________, just wanted to let you know I am leaving (this job) in two weeks to go work at __________. Now that we won’t be working together, here’s my number in case you wanted to see what is there between us without the worry of it interfering with our jobs. By the way, when I told you I want to date and meet people, it is with the intention of finding the ONE person I can get to know, open up and share with. Take care….. (walk away with a swing in your hips, wearing a great pencil skirt if possible!).

    Good luck to you!!!!! Hopefully both of us can get some Scorpios to reply to our posts so we can get their perspective. A Taurus and an Aries advising each other could be scary…. lololol

  15. Thank you, Strongly. I too hope that some scorpions will share with us as well.
    Good luck!

  16. After I sent a text message to invite him to hang out for a bit almost 2 weeks back, but with no response from him in regard to the invite, I decided that the next time that I saw him that I would not cave in and melt into his hotness and go brain dead and become lucid in my obvious attration for him. I was planned to be done. No more giving in to filling his head. On this same exact day, without seeing him in a month, he stopped in my cube at my office to “catch up” a bit (we both switched jobs a year back. The same department- me first, at the same company, but not on purpose). We talked, stared, and laughed. Overall it was sweet and innocent, I guess, although he still drives me wild. I was very surprised that he made the effort to come by and strike up a conversation. It was not too flirty, a sweet opening hug and genuine small talk. I am glad that he felt comfortable enough to come by and talk with me. I want him to feel that we can be friends, although, I’d rather have more. We never had the chance to do that the first time, and truthfully, we had and still have a strong attraction of some sort for each other. By the way, I heard from a common acquaintance that my scorp’s current chick is giving him pressure on the topic of marriage (this friend does not know that we had “a thing” at one time). I am guessing that the pressure had woke him up a bit and propelled him to test his attractiveness on me once more. Such a tease. I love and hate it.

  17. Hi Lisa :),

    I will comment on your post very soon, but at the moment I am still reeling from my encounter with my own Scorpio today. Yes, I saw him!!!! But first, I must digress. After the call I left him in April, I called him two months later, and left him a message with some truths, including:

    Its been over 6 years and I still think about you…..

    I would like to start over as friends and get to know each other in the present.

    If you decide to let me back in, after some time to rebuild and renew trust, I am letting you know I will never ask you to leave again (there is a lot I am leaving out).

    If you are with someone I am happy for you. You are a good man, a great person with a lot to offer to the right person.

    No matter what does or does not happen betweeen us going forward, I want you to know that for me there has never been anyone like you in my life, ever… Outside of saying good-bye, I don’t regret one moment of our time spent together.

    Still no call from him after my message in June. So let’s re-cap. We speak in April then nothing. I call him in June. Nothing. I leave him a message about a week ago stating, “Hi, it’s me just calling to say hello and to see if you got my message I left you a whlle back (hah, like I don’t remember the exact date I left it!). I’d like to stay in touch. Take care.”

    Lo and behold he calls me yesterday. He apologized for not calling me sooner. He confessed that he has a girlfriend (Ouch! He didn’t mention “that/girlfriend” when he told me in April that he thought I had forgotten all about him and moved on…..). He told me he would like to be friends but that she probably wouldn’t be comfortable with that to which I responded that I understood, especially when two people like us have such history. He thanked me for being so understanding. Then, to my shock, he then asked me for coffee to “catch up”. What? We can’t hang out as friends (totally respect that) but why ask me for coffee?????? My heart tells me that he is soul searching and taking inventory of his life. If he were perfectly happy why go for coffee with me? My head tells my heart to stop hoping but I tell my head to screw off and that if just for this moment, I get to see him after all this time, I am going to enjoy every moment even if I never hear from him again.

    Coffee was great. We laughed and talked and it was so easy, so comfortable. The time flew like it was just minutes. He looked at me a lot, during the drive and while we walked; his eyes were warm and inviting and I found myself having to look away sometimes as I did feel he could read me like a book. We talked about work, home, family, the past, my last breakup, etc., etc. He was, in his usual fashion, on a fact finding mission, but I did tease him that I wasn’t going to tell him everything in this conversation. I was going to save some if we talked in the future…… (hint! hint!) At the end, we left things without closure… nothing one way or the other (will/won’t call, want you/don’t want you). All I know is that I still love him deeply and probably will for the rest of my life. God I wish I knew then what I know know about communicating with Scorpios…. it would have helped immensely. But I can’t go back. All I can do is let him know the door is still open to my life and my heart. It is up to him whether or not he chooses to walk through that door. Until then, I will hold onto the words, “I thought you forgot all about me and moved on……..”. If he only knew. I hope he knows now.

  18. Hey Strongly! Two weeks back, while I stood outside of my office building talking witj an associate, he walks by. He totally surprised me, as he rotates to different office locations monthly, this I am never sure when I’ll see him. In passing, he said hello how are you, and kept on. Later that day, he speed in my office to say hi. We talked for a bit, hugged, and stared. It was friendly and pleasant. I guess they just come when they are ready. It was worth it to get his interest, or at least genuine sweetness during his visit. I will not wait, have expectations, or hope any longer. I will let it go, and let him take the lead. He knows what he wants, and when. That is part of what makes scorpios so damn hot.

  19. Hi Lisa :),

    I hope life is treating you well :).

    I so understand what it feels like to be the recipient of their genuine sweetness (there is nothing else like it in the world). You and your Scorpio are definitely sharing some interesting energy right now….. Did he initiate the hug (I am thinking yes on both occasions when you saw him – comment 17 & 19). I do think you should let him take the lead. Scorpios definitely know what they want and when……..*sighs*.

    I perhaps should have let my Scorpio be, but being the tenacious Taurus I am, and with his low, throaty words still ruminating around in my head and my heart, “I thought you had forgotten all about me and moved on…..”, I called him yesterday and left a message asking for another meeting to finish sharing with him what I did not say over coffee (which he initiated). That I know he has so much to think about and digest right now, yet here I am asking for a meeting so he can have yet more to think about….. I had to do it though as I have had great difficulty sleeping since our seeing each other.

    If he does grant me my request, I am going to say everything I should have said in all our previous meetings, including why he is like no other man I have ever dated. In conclusion, I am still so in love with him but I cannot “make” him do anything (nor would I want to). I can only offer him my heart, expressing I can go on without him but I would much rather go on with him. Then I will let him take the lead….. But wow, for us being in each other’s lives again after all these years……. How? Why? I truly feel he is my soulmate. Heaven help me….

  20. Do any scorpios care to weigh in on both Lisa’s posts and mine? Your time and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  21. Looks I don’t need any advice or insight at this point.

    My Scorpio texted me today and told me he wished me the best but he was in a committed relationship. My heart is aching but I respect him for coming clean (took him from April till August to do so).

    I will forever hold the time spent with him in my heart and I still believe that he cares for me even though he made the choice to be with her. I commend him for his integrity and wish him the best. My last text to him read, “Thank you for helping to grow as a person……”.

    Now I exit to mend my 6 year broken heart and learn all over again how to live without him.

    To every other person who is in the situation of wanting their Scorpio to come back, I wish you all luck (especially Lisa(.

    Take care.

  22. Moving on is difficult when such perfect person comes along. By far, he is my favorite. But, as I have come to learn since him, men are amazing! Live them! They make happy, sad, angry, emotional…No guy since has even come close to my scorpion. My biggest regret: not getting the chance to sleep with him. It may seem shallow, but it would have been totally worth it. Moving on…

  23. He came back again. I guess that answers that.

  24. hi there, i have a boyfriend in net for two years, he is 41 yr old american indian guy and i am 31 yr old filipina. He is a man who is so great for me almost perfect!….I look at him as the best man ever in this whole world. we are very happy with each other…..i am so jealous and possessive and he is also but we love the way we are. Every time i saw some girls connected to him I ask him or sends him a message and telling what i felt when i found out something. He explain to me that he dont even know the girl even the post of the girl was it seems they have relationship. Then he also mistakenly type a Thanks honey for the TLL….i ask him what is that…and if he is on other site…he said not….that was happened sept of 2009. and this june 2010 some crazyman got on our way and telling that the man i love is fooling me and he is just making me as pass time…I dont believe that man cause my bf takes time with me. but he showed something that i was so shocked…..then i ask my bf what is all about that crazyman is saying…I was cying so loud that time when we chat…..and he explained to me that his hotmail was hacked….then he gave me a mobile which he promised me before…I was so happy because I will not be on computer anymore as we gonna chat on BBM 24/7…..Then after a month..the crazyman bug me again and wanted to prove that bf is fooling me…i was so curious so I look for answer and talk to someone who is connected to my bf before and was shocked for what i found out…BF said he never had any relationship on net other than me even before..I am the first. and I found out that TLL was another site for dating as per the woman told me he met my bf….I was explode….chilling so hard and even i put away the mobile and do my exercise to stress out my self. I cant control my feelings…mix emotions….so I send him messages on BBM but before that I already talk to him on BBM at night after his work and early in the morning i send him messages of hurt. I never realized its too early on his place….we are 4 hours ahead of his time. He got mad and delete me on his BBM account. then the feeling is so crazy. I call him on mobile, he was mad…i send sms he never response…then i ask forgiveness….he never reply……then when he replied to my other sms…he said I am selfish that i am after my self…he was tired working for 12 hours a day then all i do is cursed him….I felt cold water poured on my head…He is right. I ask apology…he never reponse again…..then I was out of load and did not send any message…he called at night and saying something…..I was stunt by his voice (as always) and afraid of his mad voice so i did not really understand and all was clear to me was his BYE BYE. I was so shocked after that call. I cried a lot. I run to church and made a novena…and send him message of explaining and saying i never understand what he is saying when he called me….then I found out his mobile cant be reached. maybe he was out of his country. Then after 12 days i try to ring his mobile..its ringing and send him message..then he said dont send him anymore sms or call him. Then I sms him…that I am hands-up and backing off but i will never stop loving him. Then i still sms him trying he is already cooled down but he was ignore it. I did everything in the relationship…I did not cheat him nor lie to him. I knew i bug him at wrong time…..he knew that if i am jealous…..i really telling him I am hurt…but that time I knew I mad him mad for bugging him early in the morning. untill now i send him my love even I do my sacrifices……God knows what I am doing…Even i send him messages and ask him what he wants me to do more to make him feel okay…he never response any of my sms…..I am afraid of sending him messages as might he mad again as he said never send him sms. How can he forgive me….? help me pls……I am calling scorpions……lay down your traits on me so that I could learn a lot about scorpio….I really love my man…..

    thanks a lot!

  25. this bf was a scorpio and i am capricorn!

  26. It is true in a way that if we are deeply hurt, we will not venture back that road again. At least this was the case with me. I was in a relationship with a Cancer woman (yes, one of the perfect matches for a Scorpio man). But then, she did something I couldn’t even imagine. I loved her so much and what she did to me was extremely unacceptable and hurt me deeply. I am indeed a hardcore Scorpio when it comes to relationships and I never forgive nor forget if someone hurts me. And I indeed did sting her with my venom. I never ever spoke to her again, completely ignored her and just dropped her like a bad habit. Some people above said all the negative aspects about a Scorpio. That just goes on to tell you that you indeed never understood a Scorpio (astrology rarely fails). “Best advice, shag them and dump them, thats all they are good for” you said. That just shows that you are probably one of those people who doesn’t put absolutely any effort in understanding what a person is. A bit more effort and you would have understood what we Scorpio men want in a woman. Ever heard that it is difficult for a Scorpio man to enter a strong relationship? There may be some people out there who believe in casual flirting, but not Scorpios. You never understood that we don’t look for a casual flirting, but a long term relationship. You wouldn’t buy diamonds or gold without putting them through acid test, would you? Then why do you expect something different from us? We carefully choose our partners because we don’t believe in breakups. We need to make sure that they are the right one for us who complete us. When we fall in love, we truly fall in love, and you probably won’t understand how hard it is for a Scorpio to break up. If you haven’t still understood what a Scorpio is, better stay away. Else it can only lead you to getting burnt.

  27. For me, my scorpio was and is my soulmate…… I can force myself to move on but it the having to stop loving him part that I seem to fail miserably at……… I would give anything for us to have another chance to continue our love story.

  28. Hi Scorpio Male,

    I would like to request some feedback from you as it would be nice to have a male scorpio’s input on my situation. My posts start at #11.

    It is killing me that not two months ago he stood in my house again after us being broken up for over 6 years…… And I just can’t get over his words when I called him in April this year of, “I thought you had forgotten all about me and moved on….” and when I stated that some people seem to have a piece of your heart forever and he responded, “I know exactly what you mean….”

    If my Scorpio was so happy in his current relationship, and we only dated for a few months 7 years ago, why would he even bother to say those words and go for coffee with me? Better yet, how do let him go? I can force myself to go on, to breathe in and out, but it is the stopping of my loving him part I am struggling with. I will love him until I take my last breath I swear.

    Thank you for your time and comments if you choose to respond to my request.

  29. Thanks for this nice relationship advice. It might just help mine out. Thanks again!

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  36. Tis my first ever coment. Hv bn folowin since a few months back. Nvr bliv in predictions but personality traits & sharing xpriences r xcptional t me. Being a cancer gal, cudn’t help ignoring the lil corner of insecurities. Tho satisfied at the given moment, a lil scary imagination gets the beter of me sumtimes. In my relationship with a scorpio man, he understands every lil of it & always soothes it away. A few months bck, we broke up. But we are back tgther again. So, i gues, it depends on persons & their beliefs. Al i knw is tat roses has thorns. And to reach th highest peak of love & hapines, we hav t go thru the darkest phase too.

  37. But u knw? Like i said, m stil scared..loll