Why Do Scorpio Men Pull Away from their Companions

Scorpio men are intuitive, intelligent and passionate people. They are very demanding in their relationships. They are one of the most misunderstood sun signs in the entire zodiac. They are the least understood sun sign too. An aura of mysticism surrounds their persona. This article tries to understand why do scorpio men pull away from their companions.

What Interests Scorpio Men?

Chasing their ambitions relentlessly, uncovering mysteries, being incognito and pursuing their intellectual goals are some of the activities enjoyed by scorpio men. Solitude is the need of their life. They are highly introvert people who cannot feel comfortable on receiving excess attention. Their tastes are refined and expansive.

Why Do Scorpio Men Pull Away from their Companions?

The emotional nature of a scorpio man can be compared with a rubber band. When it is pulled apart and released, it regains its shape soon. Similarly scorpio men appear serious and withdrawn at times to think and resolve their issues. Once they find solution to their issues, they joyfully return to their partner. But during their period of reclusion, they cannot tolerate any disturbance or interference.

Another reason for their pulling away is that scorpio men have very high standard in relationships. They are known to have very few but close friends. The choice of the friends are made based on the qualities possessed by the person and by the emotional equation shared. These men are extremely loyal to their friends. But their friends are also aware of the fact that space of their scorpio friend cannot be taken away from them.

The status of the friendship is evaluated from time to time and during such evaluation scorpios prefer to stay away from their companions. There are some scorpios who deliberately avoid people and relationships owing to their insecured persona. Such individuals are the ignorant lots of this sun sign who are unaware of the tremendous personality they have at their disposal.

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