Benefits of Moonstone Gemstone

Moonstone gemstone is generally recommended to individuals who have afflicted moon in their birth charts. There are several softwares available on the internet which provide the personal birth chart for free. Name, date, time and place of birth are the information which should be entered in these software tools to get the report. When these reports are analysed by professional astrologers, they can recommend appropriate gemstones based on affliction and exaltation of planets. This article tries to understand the benefits of wearing moonstone.

Benefits of Moonstone Gemstone:

  • Men generally ignore their emotions and concentrate on sharpening their analytical skills.
  • Wearing of moonstone helps them connect with their inner nature.
  • Creativity is enhanced and emotional side gets the much needed nourishment.
  • Physically the vision of a person improves by wearing this gemstone.
  • In women, the positive influences of this stone are multiple and profound.
  • It helps in reducing the stress and anxiety. It increases the intuition and sensitivity in them.
  • Changes in perception, accepting change in life and improving of perception are are some of the other benefits of wearing this stone.
  • Problems associated with organs like pancreas, spleen, stomach and lymphatic system get treated by the magical light emitted by this stone.
  • When the stone is exchanged as gifts between lovers, it strengthens the bond and bring luck to the individuals.
  • The stone is believed to bring balance between heart and mind.
  • Medical professionals like doctors and nurses can get benefited by wearing this stone.
  • Qualities like happiness, hope, gracefulness, safe travel on water and at night times, good fortune, spiritual insight, easy childbirth, abundance and ancient wisdom are acquired by wearing of moonstone gemstone.
  • It improves management skills in executives by building an caring environment for their sub-ordinates and bring order at work.
  • The stone can be embedded in a silver ring or can worn in the form of a pendent to reap its benefits.

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