How to Handle Capricorn Men Who Have Been Hurt?

Capricorn men are reticent and introvert by nature. Their elemental sign is earth. As an influence of this element, these men hide their true feelings. They believe in expressing their love through their deeds rather than in words. Even if they are hurt it is unusual in their part to burst out in anger. So, how to handle capricorn men who have been hurt? This article tries to seek answer to this question.

Characteristics of Capricorn Men:

Capricorn men find it naturally hard to express their emotions. Their basic temperament is to work towards their goals. Patience and perseverance are their special assets while being ambitious and focused on their objective. These men are traditional people and do not appreciate change in major aspects of life. They are humble and kind people who believe in forgiving their offenders.

How to Handle Capricorn Men Who Have Been Hurt?

Any thing superficial cannot be tolerated by these men. They believe in honesty and commitment. They prefer to be complimented on the basis of their merit. When these men are hurt, they should be left alone for a while. This allows them to quickly overcome the grief and retain normalcy. They never protest openly. This allows the offender to think and find out the mistake committed.

Honestly talking to them and accepting the fault is more than enough to win back the respect and admiration of capricorn men. If they truly love the offender, then there is no need for even an explanation. Years later, the offender is reminded of the manner in which these men were hurt and how they kept the grief inside them.

The purpose of expressing their resentment after years is not to settle the score, but to remind the people that these men do remember the injustice done to them in past.

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