Why Cancer Men are Attracted to Scorpio Women?

Cancer men are sensitive, imaginative and fun-loving people. They are known for their sense of humor and soft nature. These men are deeply attached to their mothers. The influence of their mother in the persona of these individuals is profound. This article tries to find how this particular trait influences their married life. It also seeks answer to the question, why cancer men are attracted to scorpio women.

What is the Role of Elements in Influencing the Fate of a Relationship?

Cancer is a water sign. Along with scorpio and pisces, it forms the three signs which come under this element. Water sign individuals are sentimental people. They crave for emotional intimacy in their relationships. Their partner should be adept at dealing with excess of emotions. When two individuals belonging to the same element enter into a long term relationship, there is compatibility in major aspects of life. Emotional requirements of the individuals are met perfectly ensuring the success of the union.

Why Cancer Men are Attracted to Scorpio Women?

Cancer men are soft natured people and believe in doing things. They are lazy people and get easily influenced by others. On the contrary, scorpio women are independent, intuitive, strong and ambitious by nature. They experience extremes in emotions and seek a partner who can be composed enough to deal with the intensity in their persona. Cancerians are quick to realize that together they complete each other, as the vices in one are handles well by the virtues in another partner.

Scorpio women admire the fact that cancerian men are very good listeners and encouraging them with composed nature. The fact that these women find cancerian men no threat to their ego is also an appealing feature. Cancer men find scorpio women as a constant source of energy and the dynamism of their partner inspires these men to be in high spirits in life.

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