Do Libra Men Cheat ?

Libra men are kind-hearted, charming and peace loving individuals. They cannot decide between love and friendship with the opposite gender. Always comfortable with romance, they try to find love in each and every girl they meet only to get disappointed at least in the initial days of their relationships. But, once committed do libra men cheat ? This article tries to seek answers to this question.

What Astrology has to Say ?

Libra is an air sign. Like men from other air signs (gemini and aquarius), libra men are quite comfortable in conversing with the opposite gender. Their plain-heartedness and pleasing nature at times makes them clear targets in love. But, the librans always learn their lessons from previous experiences. Once experienced, they start giving worth to their own feelings and observe discretion while indulging with women romantically.

A partner who can provide space to him in a relationship will never have any complaints from him. Even if a woman tries to dominate a libra man, it is not considered an offence, provided there is timely attention and genuine love in the relationship.

Do Libra Men Cheat ?

Libra men mostly have firsthand experience of being used as doormats in love. They mature late in relationships. But, along with this maturity comes an innate awareness of balance and justice in relationships. This awareness, coupled with their love for harmony and excellent diplomatic skills, never allow the relationships of libra men to go out of hand.

There is always contentment and harmony with the partner. The libra man’s less demanding nature and ability to forget and forgive never allows his partner to develop hard feelings on him. Libra men hopelessly surrender to their partner to be taken care of, only to regain her love and affection in return.

There is no reason why a libra man or his partner should become dissatified and resort to affairs. So the answer to the question, do libra men cheat is a big NO.

2 responses to Do Libra Men Cheat ?

  1. every thing else is on point…..the ceating part is a def YES….im a libra and i love to cheat on women its like a thrill…sorry ladies….

  2. Even though I try not to believe in all this horocscope stuff, all ima say is yes libra men are amazing most of the time and forget and forgive and yes are doormats in the beggining but my libra which I feel is the one has cheated on me, hope he LEARNED as you say…