Do Pisces Get Along Well with Gemini

Pisceans are sensitive, imaginative and intuitive people. They are intellectual people and prefer to be in their own world of fascination. Geminis on the other hand are witty, charming and versatile people. They prefer change and are gifted with excellent communication skills. This article tries to answer the question “Do Pisces get along well with Gemini?”

Relationship Profile of Pisces – Gemini Combination:

  • Pisceans are charming, witty and intelligent people.
  • Pisceans prefer a partner who is independent, sensitive and spiritual by nature.
  • Geminis are also equally charming, witty and flirtatious by nature.
  • Geminis prefer a partner who is social, capable of multi-tasking and strong in convictions.
  • Pisceans win the hearts of their admirers by displaying their artistic skills and Geminis impress their admirers through their excellent communication skills.

Do Pisces Get Along Well with Gemini:

Pisces is a water sign. Individuals belonging to the water signs like Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces are emotional people. They crave for intimacy in this facet of life. They are never scared of getting committed to a long term relationship. Gemini is an air sign. Individuals belonging to air sign are free-spirited and fun-loving people. They look for attention, variety and acknowledgement in life. Commitment poses a threat to their precious freedom. Moreover, the elements air and water do not get along well in nature. Because of these reasons, Astrology does not recommend a relationship between individuals of these two sun signs. So the answer to the question “Do Pisces get along well with Gemini?” is a big NO.

5 responses to Do Pisces Get Along Well with Gemini

  1. We are a pisces and a Gemini and Were best friends. What does this mean?

  2. Im pisces. I have gemini ppl all arond me. Amazing fr*ks. . .like their spirit. The whole pisces being overly emotional does not apply with me. Been involved with gemini gyz(irresistable creatures), and they were more emotional. If you are a pisces and can actually have a gemini as a best friend, means you are the free-spirited, fun loving pisces just like gemini. Otherwise, you could have long left for more deeper souls.

  3. I’m a Gemini and I have been married to a Pisces for 24 years. We have a great relationship and it keeps getting better. I don’t think our sign has anything to do with our relationship.

  4. ok i will never go with them

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