Are Capricorn Men Faithful

Capricorn men are serious, reticent and modest people. Many people misunderstand their persona because of their tough exterior. In relationships, they are very shy and open up lately. This article tries to seek answer to the question are Capricorn men faithful.

Relationship Profile of Capricorn Men:

  • The sun-sign Capricorn is ruled by Planet Saturn.
  • This plant teaches the tough lessons of life to the Capricorns in hard way, in the early years of their lives.
  • This makes Capricorn be serious, disciplined and very self-involved people by nature.
  • They set very high goals in life and work towards them single-mindedly without getting disturbed in the midway.
  • They start thinking about their interests only after they achieve their much deserved but lately arrived success.
  • All these tough experiences make it hard for the Capricorns to express their feelings openly.
  • They remain shy and try to impress their partner with competence and merit even in relationships.

Are Capricorn Men Faithful:

  • Though the Capricorns are not adept in expressing their emotions, they are romantic deep inside their heart.
  • Once they are assured that their partner can bring in stability to the relationship, they start expressing their feelings openly.
  • Romance with a Capricorn man is like cherishing the pleasure of an old wine.
  • These men become young at heart as they mature gracefully with their loving partner.
  • A woman cannot find a man more faithful than a Capricorn man, provided she proves her worth before him.
  • Capricorn men can willing sacrifice their interest, provide protection and shower warm affection on their loved ones all their lives.
  • The answer to the question, are Capricorn men faithful, by Astrology is an absolute YES.

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