Aquarius Men as Fathers

Aquarius Men are intelligent, social and freedom seeking people. They are liked by people because these men can treat every individual they meet in a special way. They take some time before realizing that they are in love and cannot run away from commitment anymore. They prove themselves to be loyal husbands. Blessed with a child, an Aquarius man becomes double serious towards relationships and his responsibilities. This article tries to understand how Aquarius men fare in the role of a father.

Aquarius Men are :

  • Spontaneous, Practical and fun-loving human beings.
  • They are always interested in knowing about dreams, worries, aspirations and concerns of others.
  • This can be seen as just ideal curiosity or as a strong desire to be of some genuine help to the society.
  • These men prefer older and matured women as their life partner only to ensure that they are lead by able people in relationships at every stage of their life.

Aquarius Men as Fathers:

  • They prepare themselves well for parenthood from the days of their wife’s pregnancy.
  • They learn to spend time at home and play with their kids.
  • They expect their kids to be intelligent and naughty from early days.
  • As children grow up they find their Aquarius father to be very sportive and liberal in parenting.
  • This is true only when the children allow their father to say the last word every time.
  • Leo daughters have all the potential to be the favorite child of an Aquarius father.
  • She would admire the kind heartedness, charisma and free spirit of her father.
  • An Aquarius father will be more than impressed by his Leo daughter’s intelligence and strong persona.

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  1. true
    I love my aquarius dad, I think he is the most humane, kindest, non judgemental, knowledgeable, psychic, into the future sort of person I know. Best friend to everyone. They hate agression, verbal or physical. They are basically children in heart and the funniest people.