Libra Women as Mothers

Libra women are charming, diplomatic and crave for luxury in life. Their persona is magnetic and they know this fact. Freedom is very important to in them in relationships and life in general. They are apprehensive about getting committed. But once they find a rightful partner, the commitment is a never ending one. It takes times for the Libra women to learn the nuances of motherhood and behave responsibly. This article tries to understand how Libra Women fare in the role of a mother.

Libra Women are:

  • Born diplomats. They avoid disputes because they hate them.
  • If they are harsh with words, immediately the conversation will have words of praise too.
  • One unique ability of Libra Women is to stay calm while the other person is allowed to speak and let his agony out.
  • This leads to quick easy handling of many crisis like situations with ease.
  • When people calm down and get back their senses, Libra women try to show either sides of the coin.

Libra Women as Mothers:

  • They are sentimental, sympathetic and liberal at heart.
  • They are known to spoil their kids on account of the lenience given to them.
  • But very few people realize the deep sense of justice which a Libra mother installs in her kids.
  • She teaches her children how to resolve conflicts and disputes without injustice and heart breaks.
  • A Sagittarius son has all the potentials of becoming the favourite child of his Libra mother.
  • He is inspired by the sense of justice inherent in his mother’s nature and parenting style.
  • A Libra mother is impressed by the high regards and warm treatments of her Sagittarius Son.

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