Leo Women as Mothers

Leo women are beautiful, kind and proud. They are always the center of attraction where ever they go. Their high spirit, confidence and strong persona is captivating to say the least. Leo women take love very seriously. The man has to be super special at least to get qualified as a Leo woman’s love interest. She hates dominance but prefers to be ruled by her man of choice. Once blessed with a child, a Leo woman is a proud mother. She leaves no stone unturned on this earth to keep her child ever happy. This article tries to understand how Leo women fare in the role of mother.

Leo Women are:

  • Confident, flamboyant and ambitious.
  • In every aspect of life,they desire, seek and achieve only success.
  • Failure is not meant for these intense individuals.
  • People admire a Leo woman for her soft heart and plain honesty.

Leo women as Mothers:

  • A Leo woman starts her preparation for becoming a mother early.
  • She takes very good care of herself right from the first month of her pregnancy.
  • The day she gives birth to her baby is the most precious day in any Leo Woman’s life.
  • She expects her child to be the best of the best in every aspect of life always reiterating the fact that he is a Leo woman’s progeny.
  • A Libra son has all the potentials of being the favourite child of a Leo mother.
  • Both are fun loving and socially in demand for their captivating persona.
  • A Libra son admires the rich qualities and confidence of his Leo mother.
  • A Leo mother is deeply impressed by the helping nature and charming persona of her Libra child.

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