Gemini Women as Mothers

Gemini women are charming, restless and experts in the art of conversation. Change, freedom and variety are the aspects of life which drive these women. They mature and take commitment seriously in the later years. This article tries to understand how Gemini women fare in the role of a mother.

Gemini Women are:

  • Fun loving, involved in multi tasking and confused about others and themselves too.
  • Their ability to look at both the aspects of a situation is characteristic of these women.
  • This quality can make them praise and criticize people simultaneously.
  • Boredom and confinement to four walls of a room can be very depressing for the women of this sun sign.

Gemini Women and Parenting:

  • These women respect the individuality of others and expect the same from them.
  • Hallmarks of an upbringing by a Gemini mother are sense of respect, individuality and freedom to her children.
  • A Libra son would be the ideal child for a Gemini mother.
  • Both the mother and son duo are extroverts.
  • A Gemini mother is curious to know about others and her Libra son simply appreciates the presence of people around him.
  • A Libra son admire his Gemini mother for her versatility, open-heartiness and sense of freedom she provides in her parenting.
  • A Gemini mother is highly impressed by her Libra son’s qualities like helping others, his charming mannerisms and flexible attitude on life in general.
  • A Gemini mother requires presence of her loved ones in times of crises. Her Libra son will always be there to provide her all the moral support she deserves.

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