Friendship with Leo Women

Leo Women are ambitious, kind and proud. They love to get attention and being pampered. They every time time manage to be the center of attention because of their strong personality. They value friendship and their friends a lot.This article tries to understand the pros and cons of friendship with Leo Women.

Leo Women and Friendship:

  • Leo women have a large circle of friends because of their popularity.
  • They are honest, supportive and loyal people basically.
  • Friends admire them for their talents and warmth in personality.
  • They are emotional attached with their friends, deeply concerned about their welfare.
  • They prefer friends who share the same zest for life as they possess.
  • Honesty, Courage and Free spirit are the qualities well appreciated by a Leo woman in her friend.

Friends of Leo Women:

  • An Aries Woman has potential of being the best friend of Leo Woman.
  • Both are fun loving, ambitious and less complex individuals.
  • An Aries woman appreciates the strong sense of self a Leo Woman has.
  • A Leo Woman is impressed by the daring, care free and dynamic attitude of an Aries Woman.
  • An Aries woman can learn to take her personality in public a bit more seriously and a graceful, from her Leo friend.
  • A Leo woman can learn to be kind hearted but with discretion under the influence of an Aries Woman’s friendship.
  • If the friendship is between an Aries man and a Leo woman, there are ample chances for the friendship to mature in to successful matrimony.

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